Letting our hearts speak

When bad news makes its rounds there is often good news in its wake, namely people doing their best to help others in distress. Here are some examples where New Apostolic aid organisations and congregations helped their neighbour.

Funds from southern Germany

Disadvantaged people as well as refugees were the focus of two fundraising campaigns in southern Germany. The congregational rector of the church in Neuburg on the Danube presented a cheque in the amount of 6,000 euros to a Catholic association that offers welfare and social services in the city. And brothers and sisters from Oberndorf presented a total of 9,000 euros in donations in February to representatives of three organisations that have taken up the cause of helping refugees and migrants. The proceeds came from two benefit concerts last December.

Good Samaritans

It does not always have to be a large amount of money. Sometimes a consoling word or a hug are just as important. This was the experience of the members in the congregation Zwide in South Africa. In preparation for the divine service for the departed they visited the families of fellow members who had lost loved ones during the Covid pandemic. The visitors comforted where they could and were simply there for their fellow congregants.

Charity has no age

The Sunday School children of the congregation in Dillingen in Germany were touched by the news of the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Together with their teachers they organised two bazaars on 26 February and 5 March, the proceeds of which went to a fund in support of earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, launched by NAK-karitativ. By selling handicrafts, things they had sewn themselves, and home-made cakes they raised 910 euros.

South African young people on a mission

There was great excitement as young people from the Woodlands and Grassy Park districts embarked on the much-awaited one-day mission trip to Saldanha that saw over 470 young people, ministers, and supporting members from across the two areas take the 156-kilometre journey to the towns surrounding Saldanha Bay on Sunday, 12 March. A total of eleven congregations were served by the visiting rectors of the two districts. The Sunday morning service was followed by a visit to two outreach facilities close to the Vredenburg congregations, where they sang to the residents of the communities. A concert took place at the Saldanha Bay all-purpose centre, with the youth choir and orchestra delighting the audience. Much needed non-perishable food items and blankets were then presented to District Rector Errol Jackson, who accepted them on behalf of the Masakhe Foundation.

Visible success

One of the programmes of the Masakhe Foundation is aimed at preparing young unemployed individuals. The charity of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa offers courses and a skills development programme. A few days ago, the foundation was able to showcase some very nice results: the young people taking part in the tiling course tiled the kitchen floor of the training centre. The hairdressing apprentices showed what they had learned, and the computer students presented their PowerPoint skills by presenting their project to the class.

A ray of hope in Ukraine

Divine services without electricity and light and that in icy temperatures. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, divine services there have been taking place under difficult conditions. When the members of the Calw district in Germany heard how difficult it was for the congregation in Cherkasy and that they needed a generator, they immediately started collecting donations. More than 5,000 euros were collected, more than was needed for the generator. And so the congregation can also look forward to an electric heater. And there was enough money left over to buy medical supplies, which were delivered to Dzivne.

A special anniversary celebration

The Belmont Park congregation in South Africa wanted to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. But the members also wanted the people in the neighbourhood to share in their joy. And so it happened that brothers and sisters distributed five hundred sandwiches and juice to the neighbours on 11 March.

A trail of devastation in Malawi

Cyclone Freddy is a deadly storm that has been battering Africa since the end of February. In mid March, the storm also reached Malawi. The timing could not have been worse. The farmers were in the midst of preparing their fields for harvest. All food reserves have been used up. The cyclone brought torrential rains, causing flooding and landslides that damaged and destroyed the infrastructure, people’s homes, and caused crop and soil damage. Many people have died or had to leave their homes. NAK-karitativ is currently working on a project in Phalombe to secure clean water and enhance sanitation and was therefore able to respond immediately. The relief organisation is currently planning to provide food aid and hygiene kits.