Bursting with life

Some have asked, what is the mood of our brothers and sisters in the Democratic Republic Congo like? Here is the sung answer. Careful, the microphones could hardly withstand the enthusiasm.

“Nakoki kososola te” is the name of the piece. It is a Congolese arrangement of the song “My Saviour, my God” by Aaron Shust. Not only were the lyrics translated into Lingala, but also the distinctive antiphonal style of music was composed into the song.

The text has been adapted from an 1873 poem by the English poet Dora Greenwell. The text begins with the realisation: “I am not skilled to understand what God hath willed, what God hath planned.” And culminates in the certainty: “My Saviour loves, my Saviour lives, my Saviour′s always there for me.”

The piece was performed at the concert on 17 July 2023 in the congregation of Limete on the occasion of Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s visit. The song is so popular in the area that it was performed a second time at the end of the concert—as an encore.

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Andreas Rother