Zambia: New Apostles ordained

In Zambia, the circle of Apostles is once again complete. This country in southern Africa is one of the largest on the New Apostolic map: nearly one fifth of the country’s Christians professes the New Apostolic faith.

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider used his recent trip to the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa to ordain two new Apostles for Zambia, closing the gap left by two recent retirements. The divine service on 25 January 2015 in Port Elizabeth was broadcast to congregations throughout the Cape region.

An Apostle who speaks five languages

The Chief Apostle ordained George Fwalo as an Apostle for the Kasama district. He is 54 years of age, is married, and has a son and two daughters. He used to work as a branch manager for a clearing and forwarding company. In addition to his mother tongue Bemba, Apostle Fwalo speaks English, Lozi, Nyanja, and Tumbuka.

As a young boy he used to follow children from the neighbourhood who were New Apostolic to church. He was baptized and sealed in 1980. He received his first ministry in 1986, the Deacon ministry. About ten years ago he was ordained as a Bishop. Apostle Fwalo will be working in the same area as he already did as a Bishop.

Kasama is the provincial capital of Zambia’s Northern Province. The region is characterized by poverty: most people are unemployed and earn their living by running small businesses. The New Apostolic Church has some 38,000 members in this region.

Until recently the region was cared for by Apostle Aubrey S. Mwanza. On reaching retirement age, he was retired by District Apostle Charles Ndandula on 11 January 2015 by commission of the Chief Apostle. Aubrey Sitima Mwanza served as a minister for 29 years, eleven of these as an Apostle.

Ordained as a Deacon on the day of his sealing

Edwin M. Kasamu was ordained as an Apostle for the district of Mazabuka/Monze. He is 57 years of age. He is married and used to work as a teacher. Besides his mother tongue, which is Tonga, he speaks English. He joined the New Apostolic Church as an adult. On the day of his sealing he was ordained as a Deacon. In 2003 he received the Bishop ministry.

His working area is located in the southern part of Zambia, a mainly agricultural region. The area boasts one of Zambia’s greatest tourist attractions, the Victoria Falls. Until recently the New Apostolic Christians in the region were looked after by Apostle Kennedy Muchimba. On having reached the age of 65, District Apostle Ndandula placed him into retirement on 18 January 2015. Kennedy Muchimba served as a minister for a total of 39 years, 24 of these as an Apostle.

Overview of District Apostle Ndandula’s working area

Some 80 per cent of Zambia’s population is Christian, and about a quarter of these profess the New Apostolic faith. The New Apostolic Church in Zambia has some 1.1 million members. District Apostle Ndandula and his two assistants, District Apostle Helpers Arnold N. Mhango and Robert M. Nsamba, also look after the New Apostolic Christians in Malawi and Zimbabwe, totalling about 230,000 members. There are a total of some 9,200 congregations in the three countries. They are cared for by 24 Apostles and more than 34,000 ministers.

Lusaka, the country’s capital, is the location of the third communion wafer bakery of the New Apostolic Church. Since 1931 practically all congregations worldwide had been receiving their communion wafers from Bielefeld in Germany. In 2003 then, a new wafer bakery began operations in Cape Town to supply congregations in southern Africa. Since 2012, Zambia has been supplying its own congregations with wafers.

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