NACare, Australia’s new charity

The New Apostolic Church Australia has established its own charity. The name says it all: NACare. followed up on it.

We kept getting requests from our members over the years, Carley Love, the events coordinator of the New Apostolic Church Australia says, asking whether the national Church could not found its own charity. An understandable wish considering that there have been a number of natural disasters in the region over the past years. Members often expressed the wish to be able to directly assist affected communities in which our brethren live, and they wanted to do so through the Church and not have to take the detour via the local authorities. For one, going through the official channels takes too long and the members specifically wanted to donate through the Church, where they know their assistance will reach the intended places.

Immediate and direct help

Preparations were made and the New Apostolic Church Australia has now founded its own charity. The intention of NACare Foundation, which is its official name, is to provide initial relief through the network of ministers and members in the affected area.

Carley Love says that response from private individuals is much faster than that of local authorities in many cases. A quick first response, especially in the first few hours after a disaster, can often prevent things from escalating and prevent subsequent hardship until the authorities can come in and take over the larger role.

Initial funding through Move-A-Thon

The NACare Foundation will be under the control of a board made up of brothers and sisters with professional and practical experience in charity work. The charity will not only assist members of the Church, but provide aid far beyond its borders. To assist the board there will also be a fundraising committee and an events planning committee to focus on steering income towards the foundation from sources within the Australian community. Donations from the Australian people are welcome.

All funds will go to the intended recipients without any deductions for personnel expenses. Carley Love says, “It is envisaged that all these positions in the organization will be filled by volunteers.” By the way, the initial funds used to launch NACare came from money raised during the 2014 Move-A-Thon, a friendly competition between the District Churches of Canada and Australia.

Further aid organizations

The New Apostolic Church runs a number of aid organization throughout the world. By continent these are...

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... in Australia:

  • NACare Foundation

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