Spotlight 16/2019: Fruits of the Spirit

Rich in Christ? District Apostle Kububa Soko of Zambia found riches aplenty, seven to be exact. In his contribution to our Spotlight series, he tells us how and where to find them.

The 2019 motto “Rich in Christ” awakens a lot of thoughts in us as New Apostolic Christians. In his epistle to the Galatians (5: 22), Apostle Paul refers to the fruits of the Spirit, which in my view, are a reflection of the abundant riches we draw from our Lord Jesus Christ:

Love. Love encompasses everything! We are convinced that out of His love, God gives us an opportunity to have fellowship with Him and with one another. As Christians we must reciprocate this grace that He bestows upon us by loving and respecting God and His creation, by observing His teaching, by loving our fellow human beings and showing compassion to them in times of need, and sharing the gospel of Christ with them.

Joy. Our joy has many causes. Among them is our knowledge and a strong belief that Jesus is Lord, that He conquered death, ascended into heaven and will return to take us home. Also the fact that our names are written in heaven (Luke 10: 20) is a cause for joy. With this knowledge, let us joyfully serve the Lord and one another.

Peace. Peace gives us the ability to serve God and one another. As Christians, we must endeavour to be at peace with our conscience by living a Christ-like life and doing the will God. We must also strive to live in peace with all people (Romans 12: 18).

Longsuffering. As children of God, we want to be patient with one another, knowing too well that we are not perfect as human beings. Let us practice true forgiveness and reconciliation with one another, just as the Lord does with us.

Kindness. Let us come before the Lord in humbleness so that He can exalt us. Let us show a strong will of compassion and sympathy to one another, and to the creation of God.

Goodness. There is a lot of goodness to be found in fellowship with the Lord and with one another. We are convinced that when we have fellowship with the Lord, we learn of His nature and we are also inspired to be like Him. May our desire to be in fellowship with the Lord always be preserved.

Faithfulness. Our conduct must reflect the nature of Jesus within us. Let us remain faithful to His teaching as well as the doctrine of the Apostles.

These riches in our Lord Jesus Christ must motivate us to keep our faith in Him and be prepared for His imminent return.

Photo: NAC Zambia

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