Spotlight 3/2021: The best is yet to come!

The Chief Apostle’s annual motto is a clear call to direct our eyes on a better future. This is the conviction of District Apostle Rüdiger Krause, who lives in Hamburg in Germany.

Chief Apostle Schneider based the New Year’s service on the first two verses of Hebrews 12. This Bible passage describes Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of our faith. Apostle Paul exhorts us to look to our Lord Jesus Christ. I think that should not be too difficult for us. We may continue to look up to Him and recognise the solution for our future in Him.

When I think about this I am reminded of a statement once made by a retired Priest. He was celebrating his 101st or 102nd birthday and lived in a nursing home. He was even chosen as spokesman for all the residents. Thanks to his positive attitude and his living faith he was able to offer his fellow seniors a lot of comfort.

On this special birthday he received a visit from the governing mayor. The conversation revolved around the past, but our brother kept directing the conversation to the future. When he said, “The best is yet to come!” he really sparked the mayor’s interest. He asked what he meant and listened closely as our brother explained to him how he came to this conclusion. He was glad for the opportunity to testify of his faith. Also in the circle of his fellow nursing home residents he often said: “The best is yet to come!”

No matter what situation we may find ourselves in, we can be sure: “The best is yet to come!” That is the future, the coming of our Lord and Redeemer. I think it is wonderful to be able to live a faith that not only addresses the challenges of everyday life, but one that always offers us a future prospect: Christ our future.

I am happy at this opportunity to extend my heartfelt greetings to you with our brother’s thoughts: “The best is yet to come!”

Photo: Björn Renz

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Rüdiger Krause