Spotlight 4/2021: I choose Christ today, for my future

Spoiled for choice… Sometimes, being able to choose between two alternatives is not easy, especially when it comes to our future. District Apostle Mark Woll of Canada has very clear ideas about this.

God made humankind free after His own image. He gave us our own free will. Although it has often led to hardship and suffering, God stands by His perfect decision not to force anyone to follow Him or comply with His direction. It is out of our own initiative that we act responsibly and do the right things in the sight of God also because we are motivated by the love of Christ. All of which is an evolution that leads to perfection, which is only possible through Christ.

Freedom is about choice. One can state that they are free because they can choose! Our choices also determine our future. For example, the choices that students make regarding their education will impact their future. Adam and Eve lived in perfect harmony with God, each other, and nature until they made the wrong choice. Christ also made it clear and offered up the choice, “He who is not with Me is against Me…” (Matthew 12: 30).

There is no middle ground because no decision is a decision against Christ. Evil remains the opposing force, even into the thousand-year kingdom of peace—although it will be bound. Afterwards, however, Satan will be let loose once more. Again, humans will have to make their own choice between Christ and the evil one. Let us therefore take a stand today and say, “I choose Christ today, for my future.” This means we trust Him completely. We align our lives to His gospel, and we follow His teaching. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life which we have chosen.

A word to the parents

Dear parents, our choices also impact our children’s future. We have the opportunity to lay the groundwork upon which our children can build their faith. Today, they cannot decide for themselves! Here is a simple example: My two-year-old grandson would like to put the electrical plugs (among other things) into the wall socket himself. I cannot say, “Let him decide for himself.” No, I recognise the danger. I must say, “No,” and then educate him. One day, when he understands, he will decide for himself. Today, let us help our children to decide for Christ so that He is their future also. Let us equip them to make the right decision by teaching them the truth of the gospel and showing them the love of our Saviour, which leads to a great future.

Many children and parents are understandably reluctant to come to the divine services during the COVID pandemic. In the meantime, let us conscientiously connect our children to God in some manner, whether through virtual Sunday School or teaching them at home. It remains important that faith and trust in God be instilled into the hearts of our children. We look forward to bringing our children back to the congregation when it is safe to do so and all can partake in word and sacrament together!

Photo: NAC Canada

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Mark Woll
District Apostle, motto