To the end of the earth

Even though the Earth is a ball it has lots of corners and ends. And this is where the glad tidings are to be carried. Here is a road map from a divine service by the Chief Apostle to show us where this will lead. More

Without men

“God, help the widows and orphans.” This petition has become somewhat of an empty phrase in many prayers. The UN observes 23 June as International Widows Day, and it is an opportunity to take a special look at women in biblical times who had to take charge of their lives. More

Spotlight 10/2021: Packing for our future

Trust or doubt, forgiveness or bad memories, love for our neighbour or prejudices? When packing for our future with God, let’s only take along what is truly important. District Apostle Michael Deppner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who worked for the UN refugee agency as a doctor, explains what matters. More

Flashback (4): The power of the Creator

Sometimes frightening and new things crash into our lives, leaving us utterly powerless. But there is a power that can help us. Here is comfort from the Chief Apostle’s Pentecost sermon. More

Better safe than sorry

As case numbers rise and fall measures are tightened or loosened as required. Countries all over the world experience the pandemic differently. To help people stay safe, many districts offer online divine services to complement their in-person services. More

Women in ministry: a debate full of contrasts

There was certainly plenty of buzz on the social media sponsored by the New Apostolic Church. The subject of women in ministry generated hundreds of comments. And the reactions could hardly have been more different. More

The importance of Ascension today

There was amazement and wonder at the ascension of Jesus two thousand years ago, but even today a look back at this event can elicit wonder and surprise. Here is a sermon by the Chief Apostle to ponder about. More

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