“We will work together as a team”

Kububa Soko is the new District Apostle for Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. In the interview he shares some of his experiences to date and talks about what he will be concentrating on in future. More

“I take nothing for granted”

For fourteen years he was active as a District Apostle. In the following interview, Charles Ndandula, the now retired District Apostle of Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, looks back gratefully and takes stock. More

About a man who set out to fulfil his dream

On 19 October 1879, Frederik Lodewijk Anthing received the Apostle ministry in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from Apostle Schwarz. This was the go-ahead for the New Apostolic missionary work in Indonesia. More

A few have much, but so many so little

Gratitude and petitions, praise and sorrow, poverty and wealth … Like often in life, the boundaries are blurred. Far too many people have too little to live on, and only relatively few have enough of everything. More

Getting the picture (11): solving problems

Not everything can be resolved according to the book, even if today’s fully automatic cameras tend to make us think so. More often than not the photographer has to use all his creativity to achieve a good result. Here is the inside track for advanced photographers. More

Five ways to collect treasures

Going on a treasure hunt—a childhood dream for many. In many religious contexts this is also a topic, albeit at a totally different level. This was the case in a divine service in Ndola (Zambia), where the Chief Apostle was referring to spiritual riches. More

Historic conference in the USA

Priests from the USA came together for a national conference in September. “Mosaic” was the theme for a conference that kept the North American ministers busy over a whole weekend. More

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