A man endowed with godly wisdom

District Apostle Andrew H. Andersen has gone into retirement. For seventeen years he served as a District Apostle in Australia and as a missionary travelled to many countries. On Sunday, 30 September, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider retired him from active service. More

On the road to our eternal inheritance

Inheritance seeks heir: it is of immeasurable value and is incorruptible. Here is what applicants have to bring along and how they can benefit from it already now … Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Let there be bread

Bread is the staff of life. It belongs both to the poor and the rich. A slice of bread brings out superficial differences: bread saves the hungry from death and is a gratifying comfort food for those who have everything. Some thoughts on World Food Day. More

Register for the IYC 2019 now

The registration period for the International Youth Convention in the coming year has finally started. About 30,000 young people are expected at the exhibition grounds in the city of Düsseldorf (Germany). They will come from many countries to celebrate together for four days. More

Celebrating a truly holy Communion

No accusations, no reproaches … forget all the old stuff and experience the presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. Chief Apostle Schneider has a special congregational project that he would like us to get involved in. More

Somewhere in Africa

Sometimes church construction is a tedious and nerve-racking affair, and other times there is incredibly quick progress. This was the case in one town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

They called him Papito

When congregations in Argentina today celebrate anniversaries, you often hear the names Gantner and Toplisek mentioned. As pioneers, these two friends and Apostles laid historic foundations. In all of this, a special kind of processed cheese and a widow played a decisive role. More

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