bans data leeches

Not everything that comes along as being free is free: in fact, in the World Wide Web users often pay a high price with their personal data. is trying to make a difference. The website of the New Apostolic Church International is tracker free. More

Spotlight 7/2021: Shaping our future

The idea is not to simply wait for the future, but to prepare for it and shape it. This is the tenor of the New Apostolic motto for 2021. District Apostle Michael Ehrich of Germany explains why. More

Divine things in captivity

The soul is immortal and there is even help for the dead. Where does this notion come from? And how is it explained? Here is the answer from the International Youth Convention 2019. The not so ancient Greeks will make the start. More

Webcasts around the clock

Divine services in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Anyone who wishes to join a service can do so practically any time thanks to the many time zones. Here is our updated overview for this Sunday. More

An encounter at a railway station sets the course

The New Apostolic Church in Malaysia celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year, and it all began with a love story. The story takes us from Malaysia via England to Germany and back again. More

The greatest declaration of love

How wonderful it would be if there were a love that never stops and forgives everything? This is the kind of unconditional affection that people long for. Here is a Good Friday sermon on extraordinary manifestations of love and the human pitfalls. More

The sacraments (33): How often should we partake?

When is the table of the Lord prepared? And how often should believers come to the table? In the past and present of the various denominations, the gamut of when to partake in the Lord’s Supper runs from once a day to once a year—let’s take a tour through some of the churches. More

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