God creates new things (5) – Election

Some are chosen and others are damned? “Anyone with a spark of love in their heart for their neighbour cannot bear to think like that,” the Chief Apostle said and explained a new understanding of election. More

Where two or three gather…

…I am there with them. This is what Jesus promises all those who take part in a divine service—whether online or in person in their congregation. More

Singing to the glory of God

Whether young or old, many people love to make music. Music brings people together and it can create peace. The language of music is an international one and is understood across the world. More

Our mission and authority are modelled on Jesus

Leave the miracles to others. Today’s ministers have the mission to teach and preach the gospel to everyone and in all circumstances. At a recent divine service for ministers, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider reminded them of their tasks. More

Love others as they are, not as you would have them be!

“Indigenous” is a term that means “native”. The UN also speaks of autochthonous peoples, a reference to the descendants of the original population. The United Nations’ International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed on August 9th each year to raise awareness. More

A chest that could move

It was a veritable treasure chest: constructed of acacia wood, richly adorned with gold both inside and outside, hung on two carrying poles, and closed with an exquisite lid. All of this alone would suffice to make it extremely valuable—to say nothing of the contents! More

Catechism 5 – Our creed

Central to the Catechism is the creed. And it was the first major problem area that cropped up while working on the Catechism: our New Apostolic Creed and its further development. This also included a return to common ground. More

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