Praying together

Hearing the word of God and the absolution, receiving blessing, and worshipping God together… These are some the key elements of divine service. And all this is possible virtually, even during the pandemic. More

Bringing people together again in church

From “lockdown since March” to “divine services almost everywhere” it’s all there. This is how differently Covid-19 is affecting the church life of New Apostolic Christians around the globe. And the solutions are just as varied. More

A pleasant surprise

It certainly brought joy to the congregation in Sarrebourg when their countryman and Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider entered the church sanctuary as an unexpected surprise. Such divine services live on for a long time in the heart. It seems that coronavirus restrictions can even have some positive effects every now and then. More

The Divine Service Guide turns over a new leaf

Brighter, more modern, with a better overview—this is how the latest edition of the Divine Service Guide presents itself. The most frequently translated publication of the New Apostolic Church is undergoing a relaunch. And this applies to more than just its design. More

The divinity trap

Not omniscient, but certain of their own superiority. Not omnipotent, but securing and defending their rights with all their might. It is in this way that human beings set a trap for themselves. Paul shows how to get out of it—a letter that warrants reading together. More

Why we are together

Can Christians or children of God be compared to a fan club or a group of people who share the same interests? It is much more than that, says the Chief Apostle, and refers to the two miracles that unite everyone. More

Divine services round the clock

Participating in a divine service when the neighbours are still asleep … There is a positive side to the Covid-19 pandemic for people who have to work on Sundays. They can join an online service that is being streamed in a different time zone. More

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