Flashback (4): Try again

What has defined our decisions in recent days, months, and years? There is a moment in divine service when God asks this question and makes an offer. Here is the conclusion of this year’s Pentecost flashback. More

When many young people come together

Over a hundred young people attended a youth convention in South America and several thousand came together for youth services in Africa. The young people demonstrated their faith, sometimes publicly, at various events organised to promote the Church and ensure its future More

Spotlight 12/2024: Effective and fervent

As District Apostle of the huge working area of South-East Asia, Edy Isnugroho has experienced a lot. In his article on our annual motto, he relates personal experiences to explain how intensive prayers work. More

Spreading the word

Jesus invited Thomas to touch His wounds. Others were not allowed to touch the risen Lord. Some recognised the Lord immediately, while others only realised who He was after He had said or done something specific. The Chief Apostle explained the discrepancies in the account of the resurrection. More

A Church of closeness

Before the Pentecost service, which was broadcast throughout Europe, some congregations in Switzerland and southern Germany had the opportunity to get to know the leaders of the international Church a little better during the midweek service. Here is a small sample of the many encounters. More

Apostolic in two ways

What is an Apostle? What is apostolic? And why is this important for all Christian churches? This is a question raised by a feast celebrated by Anglicans, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Protestants on 11 June, the Feast of Barnabas. More

Flashback (3): The eternal solution

Many preach the prosperity gospel. If you want to be healthy, happy, and rich on earth all you must do is believe in Jesus. But true salvation is eternal life, District Apostle Edy Isnugroho emphasised on Pentecost 2024 in Lucerne (Switzerland). More

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