Helping the Church to function well

How do you take great pictures, how do you read aloud effectively, and how does the intranet work? In recent weeks, organisational matters of the Church were discussed. The objectives were clear. The idea was to offer a well-organised environment so that everyone can live their faith More

Posters with Christian potential

People are already waiting for them: starting May 2024, a new series of posters will be displayed in the showcases of many of our New Apostolic churches. They will also be shared online. This time, the Church was inspired by a trend to show that there is Christian potential in everyone. More

Believing is our responsibility

When someone leaves their home to go on a trip and asks someone else to look after it for the time being, they expect everything to be in order when they return. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider transferred this example from everyday life to our faith. More

Seeking and finding God in prayer

How are things coming along with our annual motto “Prayer works”? A short poll on Instagram showed up 900 ideas on the topic of “prayer”. In the first part, we will look at the feeling of being close to God in prayer. More

A new relationship

Together they were strong. But conflicts and a resulting dispute led to a split: Chief Apostle Hermann Niehaus and Apostle Carl August Brückner, who died 75 years ago today. More

“Lord, strengthen my faith”

“Nuestros himnos” (“our hymns”) was the title of a concert in the summer of 2023 in our central church in Buenos Aires in Argentina. One of the petitions that rang out was: “Señor auméntame la fe” (“Lord, strengthen my faith”). More

At home worldwide: how congregations celebrated Easter

Singing, celebrating, and hiking is how the brothers and sisters in Africa and Europe celebrated Easter. They enjoyed one another’s fellowship, but also reflected on what Easter means, namely the victory of the Son of God over death. More

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