community 4/2022: There is always something new

The structure and features are always the same, but the content is always new and different. The latest edition of community is ready to be distributed in many languages and with news from around the New Apostolic world. More

God’s word within our own four walls

Divine services with Holy Communion are beginning to be possible in more and more congregations. But because this is still not possible everywhere and not for everyone, online services continue to be streamed. Following are the links for this coming Sunday. More

God’s word in plain language

Faith, doctrine, preaching: everything is based on the Bible, which is why it is so important that both the ministers and the members are familiar with it. Holy Scripture, however, cannot be read just like any other book. Here is a manual from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

He has the whole world in His hand

This is about an object of faith so great that it does not fit into a single divine service. Good thing October has five Sundays. There will be plenty of opportunity to contemplate God’s creation, and from five different angles to boot. More

Struggling for blessing

Why doesn’t God do something? Has he forgotten me? God answers questions like these and says: “You are mine!” And how does that go together? The key to this was given in a divine service held by the Chief Apostle. More

When less becomes more

Always on the go: Almut Quittenbaum was always active and involved, professionally, privately, and in the Church. Then she had a breakdown. She learned that less can be more. The congregation and the arts helped her. More

Whoever has eyes, let them hear

In divine services for the deaf and hard of hearing choirs are often involved. They sign the words of the songs with and without music. Here is an example to look back on the International Day of Sign Languages that was observed yesterday, Friday. More

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