Preparation for the service for the departed

God loves all human beings and God wants to save every single one. So what does He need believers for? A divine service packed with Christian basics, a little poetry, and above all pure joy. More

The sacraments (28): What the churches are serving with supper

Red wine, white wine, grape juice? Pure or mixed with water? As with the bread, Christendom has also come up with a multitude of variants for the second element of the Lord’s Supper. And each has its reasoning—sometimes based on theology, sometimes based on more worldly factors. More

The Sermon on the Mount as a call to action

Bible experts tell us that the Sermon on the Mount is the gospel in short form. There is certainly quite a lot of substance to it! In the space of very few pages, Jesus Christ describes what really matters for Christians: trusting in God and becoming a witness of His love! More

Pastoral care (10): Aging with dignity and how to succeed at it

Once the pinnacle is reached, everything begins to go downhill. At least that is the picture society throws at us all the time. Callous public advertising is constantly telling us that everything has an expiration date. Thank God that our ministers see things differently. It is not one’s age, but rather one’s essence, that defines a person. More

Life in the crisis

The generosity of New Apostolic members from the District Church of Western Germany has made it possible to provide much needed relief to people in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Now the local congregation is expressing warm thanks for the donations. More

Grasping the world word by word

The mother tongue is the child’s hand through which the mind learns to grasp the world. This is where the words come from with which God addresses each individual in a very personal way. Here are some reflections on the UNESCO International Mother Language Day, which is observed annually on 21 February. More

Upcoming divine services

Fluctuating case numbers and adapting to changing Covid-19 measures are challenging people everywhere. But there is a comforting constant in all of this—our online and dial-in services. More

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