Unity in Christ does not exclude diversity

God in His triune nature is not a mental construct, but is someone who can be experienced directly. Despite the diversity of the individual members, the church of Christ comprises a single entity. The power and authority of Jesus Christ extend into the beyond. These are the subjects of our divine services in June. More

Lubumbashi celebrated Pentecost

How did the Pentecost service get to the various congregations? In very different ways. And some, like the Democratic Republic of Congo, made a celebration of their own out of it. More

A Pentecost that inspired people all around the world

Music, divine service, and fellowship: the 2023 Pentecost festivities electrified New Apostolic Christians around the globe. The conditions for the South African hosts, however, were anything but easy. More

Pentecost concert in snapshots

The 2023 Pentecost concert not only offered an acoustic tapestry, but also a visual one. Browse through the picture gallery from the Silvertown Auditorium. More

The sounds of Pentecost 2023

“The Lord ist my light” was one of the highlights of the Pentecost concert in Cape Town. A children’s choir, mixed choir, orchestra, and soloists thrilled the audience in Silvertown and across the world via Internet. Enjoy the excerpts. More

The divine service in pictures

First in 2006, then in 2010, and now in 2023: Pentecost celebrations in the large Tafelsig church are special. Enjoy the pictures from the latest central divine service conducted by the Chief Apostle in Cape Town. More

With power, love, and self-control

“Trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit.” This was the appeal made by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in the central Pentecost service he conducted in Cape Town in South Africa. For in this way, believers are equipped with everything they need to reach their goal. More

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