“What God gives is always enough”

It’s been a long time since you have been allowed to go to church. The last celebration of Holy Communion feels like forever. Is this no longer important? Here are some answers from the Chief Apostle by video. More

Jesus Christ, the door to life

Here is the weekly overview of the centrally streamed services of the New Apostolic Church this coming Sunday. More

Jesus Christ is the standard for serving

A long development, a tough old Adam… Chief Apostle Schneider is aware of the challenges that a life modelled on Jesus brings with it. Yet, he encourages us to constantly renew this resolve. More

The sacraments (31): The sequence according to the menu

It all began as a simple table prayer and developed into a rich culture incorporating many different forms of expression. We’re talking, of course, about the celebration of Holy Communion. Where did it come from and where will it lead? Here are some similarities and differences. More

At what point does the body separate from the soul?

Whether it has to do with organ donation, euthanasia, or measures to prolong life, modern medicine repeatedly confronts us with existential decisions. Following is an orientation guide from the point of view of the New Apostolic faith. More

An “I” that makes you think

Suffering—hoping, being lonely—having friends: seldom in the year do these contrasts become more apparent than between Good Friday and Easter. And already for the second time, this period has been dominated by a pandemic that has now claimed the lives of over 2.7 million people. More

Women—the key witnesses at the empty tomb

It is a puzzling case indeed. A corpse is missing. But every last clue has long since crumbled to dust. There are the witness statements, of course. But even some of these are pretty confused. What does it all mean? More

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