Flashback (3): Same gift, same chance

Diversity emphasises differences, and some of them are injustices. But there is one gift that offers all people the same chance, namely that of a world without injustice. The great comfort of Pentecost. More

A cause for celebration

There are many occasions that bring people together for a celebration. Whether it is confirmation or a day of activities to prepare for the confirmation service, people enjoy being together. This week we are celebrating diversity in the Church. More


“Pray home” does not mean that the individual is alone, on no account. It rather underscores caution and prudence, but it also shows just how important divine services are for the large community of believers during the pandemic. More

The sacraments (57): A proxy for baptism?

There is one particular Bible verse that has been giving interpreters a lot of headaches—and for the last 1,800 years to boot. And yet it is precisely this passage that constitutes the third pillar supporting the New Apostolic Church’s conception of salvation for the departed. Ultimately it boils down to a question of the power of a sacrament. More

More than preaching: the work of the Apostles

Jesus ascended to heaven, and the churches changed. It was an awkward time for the first Christians. However, the Apostles continued to carry out their work. What these tasks were and what they mean for us today, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained in a divine service. More

A way like life itself

806 kilometres in 25 days—on foot. Priest Marc Sieger (51) from Aidlingen in Germany decided to walk the famous Camino de Santiago. He talks about his experiences on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. More

Lending a helping hand to the stranger

They are on the move—people who have had to leave their homes. They are displaced, homeless people who are rarely welcomed anywhere, and unfortunately their lot is still a bitter reality for far too many. June 20 is designated as World Refugee Day. More

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