Snapshots (1): Pentecost preparations - UPDATE 22.40 hours

Everything is ready for the Pentecost service in our church in Darmstadt (Germany). The seats for the guests and musicians have been reserved and the technical equipment for the worldwide broadcast is in place. More

Pentecost joy? It’s all up to us!

The workspace of all Christians is the world. It is through believers that the triune God desires to speak and act. And that is precisely how the Son of God set everything up: His gospel needs a church in which it can be preached. Thoughts on the feast of Pentecost 2020. More

The link for the Pentecost service

Whether by telephone, television, or Internet … there are a number of possibilities to participate in the divine service which Chief Apostle Schneider will conduct this Sunday. Just click on one of the YouTube links below. More

Knowing what we really need

Sensitive and expressive: the interpretation of “I need Thee ev’ry hour” from the online service in our church in Gabugan (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) inspired the listeners in South-East Asia. Enjoy the touching rendition of this hymn of repentance. More

When the wind blows into the fire

What happens when wind blows into a fire? A weak flame will be extinguished, but a strong flame will grow even stronger. So says a French proverb which the Chief Apostle referenced in one of his sermons on the subject of the fear of God. More

A Pentecost sermon for the whole world

It is always quite a lot of work, but it is worthwhile in any event. When the Chief Apostle steps behind the altar on Pentecost Sunday, there will be hundreds of thousands who will see and hear him—despite the corona crisis. More

The sacraments (10): Baptism, a fluid rite

It is the fundamental sacrament: baptism makes a human being into a Christian. But how is it to be celebrated? Jesus said next to nothing on that subject. It is not even clear whether He Himself ever baptised anyone. Following is a due and proper search for clues … More

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