Das Leben aufs Fundament bauen

„Lasst uns fokussieren auf die Grundelemente unseres Glaubens!“ Dazu hat Stammapostel Jean-Luc Schneider beim Pfingstgottesdienst 2024 aufgerufen – und genau erklärt, worum es dabei geht und wie das geht. More

Holy Spirit to the power of ten

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. Good Friday and Easter celebrate His death and resurrection. But Pentecost? What exactly does the outpouring of the Holy Spirit mean? Here are the answers from the ten most recent Pentecost services. More

Snapshots (4): Communication booster coffee break

Anyone who works hard has earned a coffee break. But even then the mind is engaged and ideas are stirred up. Here is a somewhat different camera view of the 2024 session of the District Apostle Meeting in Switzerland. More

Snapshots (3): District Apostles discuss and decide

Two days and more than a dozen items on the agenda: there is lots to do for the highest decision-making body of the New Apostolic Church, the International District Apostle Meeting. Here are pictures from the meeting. More

Snapshots (2): Guests swarm out (update)

When the highest decision-making body of the New Apostolic Church meets, the congregations in the vicinity of the conference location also benefit. The District Apostles once again swarmed out into the surrounding congregations for the midweek service. More

Snapshots (1): Switzerland starts into the Pentecost festivities

“Welcome!” That was the word of the day on Wednesday as everyone arrived for this year’s Pentecost festivities in Switzerland. In the evening, the Church leaders from all over the world swarmed out into the surrounding areas to conduct divine services. Today, the District Apostle Meeting is in session. The highlight will be the Pentecost service on Sunday. More

“Your next destination is Lucerne!”

The world looks to Lucerne for its rowing regattas and festivals. This year, New Apostolic Christians look to the Pentecost festivities taking place in the city with the Chief Apostle. Although the divine service will not be broadcast outside of Europe, Pentecost will be celebrated in all congregations. More

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