Quartet for one

A musical journey through Advent… The start this year will be made by Justin Stephenson, a jazz musician from the congregation of North Ipswich in Australia. He is joined by himself four times. More

Worldwide online services

As Covid-19 cases rise, especially in Western Europe, people are beginning to stay home more again. However, a small trip around the world is possible even from home these days, and even during church services. More

The sacraments (46): The other two-part division

The Catholic practice of confirmation as a sacrament was only accorded a few quiet centuries. But then the reformers came along and sought to anchor the Christian rite of initiation in the act of baptism alone—and nevertheless instituted their own practice of confirmation in the process. More

God does not sleep!

Lifting up our eyes to the Lord is the best thing we can do when it comes to the deliverance and salvation of our soul. This does not put an end to earthly suffering, but it does bring us salvation for eternity, the Chief Apostle confirmed. More

NAK-Humanitas can count on its donors

The plight of others is not forgotten even in times of a coronavirus pandemic. This is shown in the 2020 annual report of the aid organisation NAK- Humanitas. Even in this difficult period, its donors did not let the charity down. More

“We are doing things at our own pace”

The fall session of the District Apostle Meeting has ended. Prominent topics were our concept of ministry, biblical authorship issues, and a new Guide for Ministers. More

There are good reasons

The soul is immortal and the departed can be helped. This is what the New Apostolic Church teaches. But there is more to the doctrine than just metaphors. Here is the theological basis and the last part of a lecture presented at the IYC 2019. More

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