Eleven-fold and singlehandedly

Nadia Drayton from Corby in England recorded the different parts of this rarely heard arrangement by Reginald Jacques of “Away in a Manger”. Enjoy one of the most popular Christmas carols in our Saturday music series to kick off the Christmas season. More

Music is at home everywhere

In many congregations, singing has resumed and so have concerts. Here is a small overview of concerts and workshops in different parts of the world, showcasing that music is a universal language that speaks to the soul. More

Starting the new church year together

On Sunday Christians around the world will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. A time of special lights, being together, and extraordinary emotions. More

The sheer will to help defies the threat of war

It feels as though the war is closing in. Yet the people already have so little to live on. Despite their own hardship, however, the people in the Republic of Moldova are helping Ukrainian refugees in any way they can. This is the situation of the brothers and sisters whom the Chief Apostle will be visiting this weekend. More

Jesus instead of Adam: from old to new

The old Adam: an old acquaintance from past sermons. But is this more than just an empty phrase? Who remembers what exactly this is all about? A fresh boost from a divine service with the Chief Apostle, including instructions. More

On the way to a new life

From the old to the new Adam, from the first human being to perfect human beings. The Chief Apostle traced this development in the divine service that marked the end of the District Apostle Meeting. The report will be published this evening. In advance, here are the sketchnotes. More

Ministry (19): Man and woman in the image of God

Men and women in ordained ministry? This is only a fragment of a much larger question: how do human beings understand themselves and their task in the world? The Bible gives us the answer in the creation account. And there we read: created in the image of God. More

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