Live streams this weekend

As many countries and regions are battling a new COVID surge, in-person services are no longer possible. So that all have the possibility of joining a divine service, the New Apostolic Church will continue to offer video services across the globe. More

Meeting in a place called “chapel”

A small flock and a tremendous effort: neither long distances nor pandemic-related restrictions can keep the Hungarians from coming together for a divine service that is doubly special. More

The sacraments (42): Within reach of the Spirit

Whether it is considered a rite, a sacrament, or merely a side effect of baptism, the churches have very different ways of understanding how a Christian receives the Holy Spirit. And this diversity of perspectives has a tradition that goes back nearly 2,000 years. More

The man who wrote Church history

He was and remains an example not only in terms of pastoral care and leadership qualities. Also as a researcher he proved his mettle and how things can be done: District Apostle Karl Weinmann would have celebrated his 120th birthday today, 14 September 2021. More

Music is my life

“Tina im Kirchturm”—in English: “Tina in the church tower”: this is the name of a series that has been running on YouTube since January 2021. There, a budding music teacher from the Hannover South congregation in Germany posts music videos for children, to which they can sing and dance along. More

When the soul bleeds

When someone takes their own life, it is often said that they probably saw no way out or had no other choice. But this is not the whole truth: there are ways to prevent suicide. Here’s a call for more compassion and counselling. More

Divine services in the world’s largest congregation

The New Apostolic Church has been streaming divine services for 77 weeks now. Thousands join these online services, constituting the world’s largest congregation. More

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