Even a half marathon requires endurance

It is remarkable to see what is happening around the globe every day. For example, there is a nice little story from Cape Town. Only upon reading does it become clear just how much a fun event can take out of you. More

Tackling typhoon damage and supporting education

The Philippines is one of the five countries most frequently hit by natural disasters. This is the part of the world in which NAC SEA Relief is active, the charity of the New Apostolic Church South-East Asia. More

Where is God in suffering and hardship?

Where is God now? This is a question many people ask when disaster or misfortune strike. How can we help such people? Certainly not with the wrong answers. In a recent service, the Chief Apostle offered an alternative. More

IYC highlights in the works

Your personal IYC highlight could be a chance encounter, a moment from the divine service, or the sensation of being together with 30,000 other like-minded individuals. One project group has been working hard so that the big events at the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) contribute to this experience. More

Spotlight 06/2019: A somewhat puzzling motto

District Apostle Mark Woll’s ideas on this year’s theme are a little jumbled. The Canadian District Apostle bundled his thoughts into a crossword puzzle. Have fun! The solution will follow next week. More

Glory to God in the Highest

Praising and glorifying God—when better to do so than on resurrection morning? “I can but marvel, and marv’lling rejoice,” runs the text of the music video from an Easter divine service. More

From symbol of torture to sign of love

Just imagine there was this religious community that would gather regularly around a rack. The focus of their devotions would be an electric chair. And whips would hang from the walls of their place of worship. More

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