A church building of monumental age

A New Apostolic church building that is 350 years old—you don’t see that every day. But the Schildesche quarter of the city of Bielefeld is home to a venerable historic monument that still keeps our attention today. A little excursion into history. More

Casting your care upon the Lord

On Sundays we can forget about our cares for a few moments in the divine service. But God wants to do even more for us: He wants to liberate us from our cares altogether. What the Chief Apostle explained in a recent divine service was how believers can do their part in the process. More

Who is your God?

“One time doesn’t even count,” people often say in an attempt to diminish the weight of individual decisions and put them into a broader perspective. And indeed, what counts in the long run is not the individual misstep, but rather the fundamental inner values of the person. More

nacmaps: update of the congregation search app

Are you looking for a congregation in a specific city or all the congregations near your current location? With nacmaps you have the information at your fingertips. More

Beauty plus great sound equals Gifhorn

It is said that the organ is the queen of the instruments. And the congregation of Gifhorn boasts a beautiful example that is as massive as it is melodious. The Chief Apostle will even have a chance to enjoy it. More

Fellowship and music is by no means a given

Coming together with members of our congregation to have fellowship and sing is by no means a given. Even Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider misses it. He makes it clear: much was and is grace. More

Online services on all continents

Here is this weekend’s helpline for those who cannot go to church. Video services will again be offered in all countries and in many languages. More

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