Marking the start of Lent with more than just a cross of ashes

In the past, a cross of ashes on the forehead indicated the beginning of Lent. It heralded a look inside, a moment of self-criticism, and conscious action in Christian faith. Not a bad idea. More

Spotlight 3/2020: You think you are free?

Jesus makes free — but what happens if a person fails to realise that he is still bound? For example, in thoughts or in prejudices? Some reflections from District Apostle John Kriel, South Africa. More

Now also available in Spanish: “Photography in Divine Service”

“In the divine service, the photographer should be practically transparent”—relates a South American cameraman. This is a wish that photographers around the world often hear. An e-book on the subject offers helpful tips—and it is now available in the Spanish language too. More

IYC Impulses: “The gospel must be pure, not pleasing”

Would better marketing bring the Church greater success? The gospel is not a product that can be tailored to the wishes of the client. Such was the response from the central panel discussion at the International Youth Convention. More

Rediscovering your mother tongue

A universal language for all? Forgetting your mother tongue? Is that even possible? Sure it is! Fortunately, there is a common solution to both problems. A reflection on today's International Mother Language Day. More

A direct address: District Apostles on the air

Sound on, camera running: the Chief Apostle was not the only one to address the brethren by video at the turn of the year. This practice is becoming more and more popular among the District Apostles too. A review… More

Old creation—new creation: a life in conflict

There is hardly a Christian divine service that does not revolve around this theme: two kingdoms opposite one another—the classic conflict between good and evil. Chief Apostle Schneider shows a way out of this dilemma. More

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