“Here I am”—be creative

Creativity needs room. After all, ideas need to be able to develop and grow. This is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it requires persistence. However, when a good result has been achieved everyone is happy.

The PR working group wants your input

The Public Relations working group of the New Apostolic Church is responsible for the annual posters that are displayed outside our churches in Europe. Coming up with twelve motifs every year is a considerable creative challenge. In the coming year the statements will start with “Here I am …”.

Any ideas on how this phrase could be continued and thus become a meaningful statement for one of the twelve poster models? This time the Public Relations working group wants to involve the New Apostolic public. Readers can participate through the social media channels of the New Apostolic Church (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and nacworld).

“Here I am …” will probably sound familiar and remind many of the International Youth Convention (IYC). However, the statement itself does not have to have any connection to the IYC at all. “Here I am …” is intended to relate more to the congregation, that is, “Here, in my congregation, I am …”. It could provide answers to questions such as: how do I feel in my congregation; what role do I have there; how does the congregation (the fellowship with my brothers and sisters and with God) affect me?

Starting January, the new posters will be hung in the display cases outside our churches. In addition to this, each poster will be featured on the German-speaking websites with a short explanatory text.


When the choir leaders of the New Apostolic congregations from the city of Lubumbashi come together (Democratic Republic of the Congo) there are easily 430 participants! They were called together by Bishop Dieudonné Ngombo, the head of the music department, in order to give the New Apostolic Church DRC South-East its own musical identity.

The meeting took place in one of our downtown churches. The gathering presented an opportunity for the head of the music department to announce the establishment of a choral development programme throughout the DRC South-East district. It will consist of a three-tiered musical training programme (first, second, and third degree) and will begin in November 2019.


A new District Apostle Area and a new District Apostle. The congregations of this former District Church do not yet really know their new District Apostle Enrique Minio. Many trips will be necessary to change this. A first visit took the District Apostle to the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro in mid September. There he visited the congregations of Juiz de Favero and Maracanã. In Juiz de Favero he was welcomed by music played on the guitar and flute. The District Apostle appealed to the members to fight against evil and to allow themselves to be inspired to live their faith.

On the next day, 15 September 2019, he conducted a divine service in the congregation of Maracanã (Rio de Janeiro), which he based on faith, hope, and love. He wished the congregation that their faith in the return of Christ would always accompany them. This way the faithful can be good witnesses for the Lord.

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