New Apostles and churches around the world

Without movement there is stagnation. This also applies to the structure and the organisation within the Church. New ministers and churches are constantly needed. Only then can the congregations around the world be properly cared for. Following is an overview.

United Kingdom and Ireland

The New Apostolic Church United Kingdom & Ireland will receive its own Apostle. David Heynes, currently a District Evangelist in the church district of South England, has been designated to receive the Apostle ministry. He has considerable experience as a minister, District Apostle Rüdiger Krause writes to the congregations. “With the new Apostle, the pastoral care of the ministers and members can be carried out much more intensively than has been possible so far for us Apostles from Germany,” he says.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

From 7 to 10 December the Chief Apostle visited the working area of District Apostle Michael Deppner (DR Congo-West). His programme included a divine service for ministers in Kinshasa, which was followed by a concert, a divine service in Gemena (a three-hour flight from Kinshasa), and a children’s service also in Kinshasa, which was broadcast on national television.

Three Apostles were placed into retirement: Kabinda Hyacinthe Azangi, Kalonji Isidor Kayembe, and Di-Bilufuene Lambert Matita. And seven Apostles were ordained: Paul Kibambe Kima (57), Hyacinthe Kinguba Kitona (54), Clément Malenge Malika (54), Pushi Pitshou Mangamba (43), Lutetu Frédéric Matondo (51), Luvunga Antoine Sosa (45), and Denis Tshimanga wa Tshimanga (52).


El Alto in Bolivia is possibly the highest New Apostolic congregation in the world. It is situated at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres. A new church was dedicated recently. The negotiations with the municipal authorities were lengthy, lasting five years. The regulations in this region are complex. Finally, on 3 December 2017, District Apostle Raúl Montes de Oca was able to dedicate the new building. He based his sermon on Ezra 3: 11–13, a very fitting Bible passage for this dedication. The District Apostle explained that it was the congregation’s task now to praise and thank God for this gift.

Thanks to funds from the New Apostolic Church International and valuable hands-on help from many members of the congregation, the church could be built. All of this together made it possible to make the dream of a church in El Alto come true, the District Apostle said.


The New Apostolic Church Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany has redesigned its website. The old site was outdated and no longer corresponded to current user behaviour. The site has been revamped and given a visual refreshment. The contents has been maintained. The menu can be accessed via the hamburger button: the icon with the three horizontal lines. Immediately next to it is the congregation search button, the contact icon, and the search function.