community is online: issue 2017/01

An issue of community can be 12, 32 or even 36 pages thick. Who has less to read—and who gets more? More

community is online: issue 2016/04

Church members want to understand Church doctrine. The current issue of ‘community’ features clearly understandable teaching texts for just such members. What is divine service? What is forgiveness of sins?—Answers to important questions. More

community is online: issue 2016/03

Information is everywhere, whether on the radio, TV, or in the Internet. And then there are still print products. Does the New Apostolic Church still need magazines in the year 2016? More

community is online: issue 2016/02

Being able to leaf through and read their own copy of community is something very special for many members. Another edition has just been completed and is on its way to many countries and congregations. More

community is online: issue 2016/01

Currently, community is being produced in over 40 languages; some of these languages are available as a PDF on The newest issue has just been uploaded—the first of four in the upcoming year. More

community is online: issue 2015/03

The new edition of community is online and ready for download. On 32 pages, the issue looks back on the 2015 Pentecost festivities, reports about divine services on four continents, and features an excerpt from the recently published Catechism in Questions and Answers. More

community is online: issue 2015/02

The second edition of our international member magazine is ready for download. Featured are reports on divine services of the Chief Apostle on four continents and an excerpt from the new Catechism in Questions and Answers. More

community is about to launch

Just three months after the launch of, the New Apostolic Church International is now ready to launch its second new medium: community is the name of the new international member magazine of the New Apostolic Church, and it is available for download as of right now. More