In the picture, in more ways than one

Giving the Church a face, following divine services on television, making children with special needs feel welcome, and celebrating an apostolic anniversary … Four items of good news in this week’s review. More

“Let’s get together”—in Brazil for 90 years

It all began with a newspaper ad… This year, the New Apostolic Church in Brazil is celebrating its 90th birthday—with a lot of music, a youth convention that transcends borders, and an unusual invitation to all. More

The centenary of the communion wafer – Boosting productivity

Once the decision was made the problems started in earnest: how will the wine get on the wafers? The long road from handmade applicators and waffle irons to fully automated production facilities. More

The communion wafer celebrates its centenary

Three drops are celebrating their centenary. On Good Friday 1917, the Chief Apostle officially celebrated his first divine service without sharing the cup. Instead he dispensed communion wafers. What is normal today had become an absolute necessity at the time. Why? More

An influential mediator

While in Germany to celebrate Easter this coming weekend, the Chief Apostle will come across traces of a fellow Frenchman: a man from Strasbourg who drafted an ordinance in Marburg (Germany) that is being observed all over the world in these weeks. More

Twelve Apostles in London

Twelve Apostles in London … This certainly deserves a mention in our New Apostolic history. Apostles from the northern and eastern part of Germany and Switzerland undertook a study trip to London, more precisely to Albury, to trace our origins. More

Founders, fathers, pioneers

They established the Church, often under enormous difficulties. And we have not forgotten the founders, fathers, and pioneers of the New Apostolic congregations around the globe. A selection of news items that remind us of bygone times. More

One name, two denominations: New Apostolic in South Africa

For more than a decade, there were two denominations that carried the name “New Apostolic Church” in South Africa. Between 1913 and 1926 Apostle Carl Georg Klibbe, who was the more senior of the two, and Apostle Schlaphoff each led one of the New Apostolic Churches. The case was finally settled in court. More

Berlin celebrates its reunification

Historical storytelling. This is what the ceremony was all about that took place at the New Apostolic Church in Berlin (Germany). It was about separation, reunification, and growing together. Video clips were used to take the audience on a journey through time and through a city with a unique fate. More

His mission: to protect and keep

He led the New Apostolic Church out of a crisis and brought it forward. Chief Apostle Walter Schmidt would have celebrated his 125th birthday today. How did he cope with this crisis? An attempt at an explanation. More

Engaged in both home congregations

By the way, what has become of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber? He is enjoying his retirement, but is still very active—especially in his congregation, but also as a travelling speaker, and finally as the one doing the background work in the matter of reconciliation. More

Batista – memories of a much admired man of God

Ten years ago today, Norberto Rubén Batista was ordained a District Apostle. Only two years later he passed away suddenly due to heart failure. He was liked and admired by many in the Church in South America. A retrospective. More

We come in the name of God

On 5 February 1855 two missionaries arrived in Papua, the western part of the island of New Guinea, to preach the gospel to the inhabitants. Even today missionaries are active on this second largest island in the world. More

Chief Apostle to visit Blantyre, Malawi’s oldest municipality

Malawi is the cradle of the New Apostolic Church in Central Africa. George Henwood, the later Apostle, was born here in 1901. He was one of the great pioneers of missionary work and instrumental in building up the church in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will celebrate the upcoming service for the departed in Blantyre. More

Bridge-builder between churches, cultures, and generations

There has been a lot of talk about reconciliation over the past weeks. One man in particular was instrumental in quietly paving the way for this. Fifty years ago today, he was ordained into the ministry that preaches reconciliation: Hermann Engelauf. More

Third step to reconciliation: the date is set

The apostolic churches are continuing their policy of reconciliation: at the beginning of the coming year, they want to close another chapter in their shared history. A ceremony has been planned at which a third statement will be signed. More

Historical meeting in Hilversum

The rapprochement of apostolic denominations is continuing: after declarations of reconciliation in Germany and Switzerland, as well as an initial meeting in South Africa, there has now also been a meeting in the Netherlands—and this one was in a much larger context. More

The Church’s first church building

His name is not really all that well known, but he was one of the pioneers of what later came to be known as the New Apostolic Church. Apostle Friedrich Wachmann bought the first church building and published a devotional book. He was born 175 years ago to the day. More

The Chief Apostle set to visit Leipzig

Magazines, hymnals, teaching material: long before Frankfurt, Leipzig was the centre of the New Apostolic publishing world. But this is not the only way the congregation which the Chief Apostle will be visiting this coming Sunday has gone down in history. More

At home worldwide: children need space

Being able to go to kindergarten or pre-school is something that is important for a child’s development. In fact, it is of tremendous importance to consider the needs and desires of our children. They still have their whole life ahead of them; the future is theirs. More