For the love of life and the joy of faith

It is a year of united Youth Days. There was a double premiere this past weekend in Germany. The start, however, was made in South Africa at the beginning of the year. Join us as we look at three events celebrating the love of life and the joy of faith. More

Cuba, an incredible country

He is the face of the New Apostolic Church in Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. He is a journalist with an alert mind and a big heart: Bishop Alex Michel Reyes Martinez is good for the Church. Learn a little more about him. More

Safe and sound abroad

Five months abroad not only improved Céline’s language skills. Living with a New Apostolic family and being part of the congregation in far away Canada also enriched her faith. More

Successful drill: central church evacuated

Dialogue with other religions, making children familiar with the Bible, and practising evacuation procedures. Congregational life is not only about divine services and music. Here is a look at three continents. More

Flashback: And they continued …

Pentecost 2018: between District Apostle Meeting, exhibition, and divine service. Behind-the-scenes footage of the four days in Washington (USA). More

Youth Days: events for young people

There is no better time for youth gatherings than summer. These special events are meant to speak to the younger generation, and offer an exciting programme in nice weather—the best ingredients for a few enjoyable hours. More

Backpacks for refugees

“It was a good idea,” Esther Zbinden sums up. “And so symbolic!” During the recent District Apostle Meeting in Washington, the wives of the District Apostles spent one morning packing backpacks with school supplies for young refugees. More

A presentation, a meal, and a celebration

Christians live their belief everywhere, whether at university, in a war zone, or at church. Sometimes words are important, other times a helping hand is. This week’s review takes us to three continents. More

NAC Talks: doctrine, faith, life

Hylton Memorial Chapel, just outside of Washington, is an ideal venue not only for the first US Church convention but also for the divine service today, Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, the Christian event centre hosted the exhibition NAC Talks. More

Pentecost in D.C. – continue steadfastly

What is the capital of the USA? Most would say New York. New York is the largest and most famous of US cities, but not the country’s capital. It is Washington, D.C., and this is where the International District Apostle Meeting will be taking place in the upcoming week. More

Veritable globetrotters

They get around a lot, the District Apostles of the New Apostolic Church. And if there is a place they cannot get to, there is somebody else who can. Some notable entries from their travel diaries. More

The day that changed my life

Professing one’s faith can be a real challenge. In fact, it can even turn into a struggle for survival. This is the experience of Mankee Nag, a 27-year-old Indian woman. She gives us a candid look into her life. More

Small and big celebrations around the world

The southernmost congregation and a large District Church in Africa are celebrating their anniversaries. And an aid organisation is celebrating a successful project—occasions which encourage reflection. More

Every goodbye is a new beginning

When one leaves another one comes. Such is life. District Apostle Urs Hebeisen from the Philippines will be retiring this year in November. This involves a number of organisational changes. More

A South African falls in love with Germany

The pipe organ in our Silvertown church in Cape Town (South Africa) has 2,600 pipes. This is where Tristan Williams plays every Sunday. But in the summer of 2016, other organists had to cover for him for three months when he went on a trip to Germany. More

Taking one’s belief beyond church walls

There are number of ways one can live one’s beliefs. This is something that is not necessarily restricted to the official setting of the church. Here are some examples where sisters and brothers took the initiative. More

IYC 2019: organisers and participants are busy compiling the programme

“Variety” will be the magic word at the 2019 International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church. That much is clear. Otherwise, the topics and schedules are still being developed. And what do the participants want? Here are some initial results. More

Trebaseleghe: looking forward to the Chief Apostle’s visit

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be in Italy this coming weekend. He will be in Trebaseleghe, 25 kilometres north of Venice. The congregation is looking forward to the special visitor, everything is ready. More

New Apostolic life in Barcelona: a congregation between tapas and WhatsApp

With a population of 1.6 million, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, and the second most densely populated city in Europe. Small in comparison is the number of people who make their way to Calle Reverendo José Bundo 14–18 on Wednesdays and Sundays. More

About dragons and skyscrapers

There are many New Apostolic congregations around the globe—rich in tradition and their own culture. There is a lot of energy everywhere, the congregations are colourful, and yet they are all united under one roof. Following is a small selection. More