News from around the world

A District Evangelist becomes Apostle, children collect several hundred euros for other children, a District Apostle apologises with the webcast of a divine service, and India launches a new website. More

“I had to learn to breathe again”

“God loves me and blesses me.” The man who says this often has to literally fight for every breath he takes. Florent Girard, who lives in France, was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition. Where does he take the strength to cope with it? More

Aid knows no borders

Operations in the Philippines, Haiti, and Suriname show that people everywhere are extremely glad to help in times of need, especially when it comes to essentials such as food, shelter, education, and providing people with the means to generate income. More

Preaching the gospel in villages and cities

Togo and Chad—the journey the Chief Apostle is just about to set out on will take him to two interesting but dangerous regions of the world. There are terrorist alerts in both countries. More

The new logo is round, angular, and colourful

New year, new motto, new logo … People around the world have come up with ideas on how to represent our 2017 motto, “Glory be to God our Father”, graphically. The first designs are online. More

A full schedule

The new year not only brings a new motto and good wishes with it, but also concrete plans and unique meetings. More

SplitView and 3D Touch for the Catechism

A book of faith, a reference work, pure Church doctrine … The Catechism has been given many names, and in the meantime also quite a number of formats. One of its digital variations has just received a complete makeover. More

community is online: issue 2017/01

An issue of community can be 12, 32 or even 36 pages thick. Who has less to read—and who gets more? More

Coming together in the year 2016

It has been a year of coming together: mergers between District Churches, reconciliation among apostolic denominations, and reaching out to guests with a service for the departed. Following is a look back over the most important events of 2016… More

Lighting candles in memory of loved ones

It is Christmas, however, many will not be able to celebrate a peaceful and joyful Christmas. All we need to do is look around the globe to see how different the circumstances are from one place to the next, and how very depressing they can be. More

Thought-provoking posters for the new year

They have become a kind of an emblem in many congregations in Europe: the poster series picturing members of the Church like you and me. The new series for 2017 has just been released in its tried and tested design and aims to drive a new message home. More

Silvertown, a venerable landmark

Church and concert hall—definitely a building with a history. History will once again be written this coming Sunday, when the congregation in Silvertown will witness the third change in the district’s leadership in a row. More

A last divine service here, new ministers there …

Where did District Apostle Noel Barnes (South Africa) celebrate his last divine service? In the same congregation he started out as a District Apostle after his ordination twenty years ago. More

Charity on two wheels

Growling engines, gleaming choppers, and stuffed toys strapped to the handlebars: scenes like these play out every year in a South African congregation. And behind all the fun there is a good cause. More

Music creates bonds: one book, four languages

Growing together despite differences—this is what people and congregations everywhere experience on a daily basis, and especially when they sing together. In France, a new hymnal has contributed to this in a somewhat unusual way. More

Warm hearts in a cold part of the world

She is remote and rather isolated. Apart from snow-covered mountain peaks, there is not much else around. We are talking about the southernmost New Apostolic congregation in the world: Ushuaia. More

Building shelters, congregations, and churches

Creating a place of refuge and security—for the one it means an earthquake resistant shelter, for someone else a place to worship. Both construction projects require planning, prayer, and energy. More

The making-of: how the New Year’s message is created

It is late November. Christmas still seems so far away, let alone the new year. But Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider wants to record his New Year’s message today. All good things come in threes. More

Sunday School graduation ceremony

The only way children really have a future is with a good education. This not only applies in everyday life, but also spiritually. Featured in this week’s review are these two aspects, as well the Chief Apostle’s recent trip to the USA. More

A remake: Jesus in words and miracles

It was one of the biggest music projects that the New Apostolic Church has ever staged. Now there are plans for a remake. The pop oratorio “I am! Jesus in words and miracles” will be restaged in 2018. More