All you need is trust

“My life was quite simple: everything was exciting,” says André Miku Mpeti, a retired Priest. Born in the Congo, he came to Belgium as a young man and has now been living in Iceland for many years. More

Small pieces make the picture big

Many small stories from around the world testify of the everyday joys and the strength of faith of New Apostolic Christians. Here they are. More

Pastoral care in Senegal

It takes a whole village to raise a child. This African proverb also exists in Senegal. Following are some experiences from this West African country which the Chief Apostle will be visiting this coming Sunday. More

A bell summons the faithful

This is not a congregation you happen to come across as you stroll along. In fact, at 4,000 metres it is about as close to heaven as you can get. But Pacharía has a lot more to offer: a Deacon well past retirement age and an ingenious way of calling the faithful to worship. More

Education, a priority

Education is high on the agenda—also in the New Apostolic Church: from children to seniors, in our own congregation and outside of it, generally or very specifically. Here is a look at some of the things going on in the Church in the way of education. More

The Chief Apostle in West Africa

Not more than 25 hours … This is how long Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be in Guinea-Bissau. He will celebrate two divine services, carry out a retirement and an ordination, and meet with the Apostles and Bishops. Then he will continue to Senegal. More

To service with the Richard F

Every Sunday, about twenty brothers and sisters are picked up at home by the Richard F and are taken to the Delta congregation. More

The Church as part of society

What does the religious landscape look like in Scandinavia? What about Indonesia or Chad? Join us on a trip around the world: from Oslo to N’Djamena, via Yogyakarta. More

Slap-bang in the middle of it

Slap-bang in the middle of life: what is life like for a New Apostolic Christian today. Depending on where you live, the answers differ. Join us on a little tour around the world. More

News from around the world

A District Evangelist becomes Apostle, children collect several hundred euros for other children, a District Apostle apologises for the botched webcast of a service, and India launches a new website. More

“I had to learn to breathe again”

“God loves me and blesses me.” The man who says this often has to literally fight for every breath he takes. Florent Girard, who lives in France, was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition. Where does he take the strength to cope with it? More

Aid knows no borders

Operations in the Philippines, Haiti, and Suriname show that people everywhere are extremely glad to help in times of need, especially when it comes to essentials such as food, shelter, education, and providing people with the means to generate income. More

Preaching the gospel in villages and cities

Togo and Chad—the journey the Chief Apostle is just about to set out on will take him to two interesting but dangerous regions of the world. There are terrorist alerts in both countries. More

The new logo is round, angular, and colourful

New year, new motto, new logo … People around the world have come up with ideas on how to represent our 2017 motto, “Glory be to God our Father”, graphically. The first designs are online. More

A full schedule

The new year not only brings a new motto and good wishes with it, but also concrete plans and unique meetings. More

SplitView and 3D Touch for the Catechism

A book of faith, a reference work, Church doctrine pure … The Catechism has been given many names, and in the meantime also quite a number of formats. One of its digital variations has just received a complete makeover. More

community is online: issue 2017/01

An issue of community can be 12, 32 or even 36 pages thick. Who has less to read—and who gets more? More

Coming together in the year 2016

It has been a year of coming together: mergers between District Churches, reconciliation among apostolic denominations, and reaching out to guests with a service for the departed. Following is a look back over the most important events of 2016… More

Lighting candles in memory of loved ones

It is Christmas, however, many will not be able to celebrate a peaceful and joyful Christmas. All we need to do is look around the globe to see how different the circumstances are from one place to the next, and how very depressing they can be. More

Thought-provoking posters for the new year

They have become a kind of an emblem in many congregations in Europe: the poster series picturing members of the Church like you and me. The new series for 2017 has just been released in its tried and tested design and aims to drive a new message home. More