A South African falls in love with Germany

The pipe organ in our Silvertown church in Cape Town (South Africa) has 2,600 pipes. This is where Tristan Williams plays every Sunday. But in the summer of 2016, other organists had to cover for him for three months when he went on a trip to Germany. More

Taking one’s belief beyond church walls

There are number of ways one can live one’s beliefs. This is something that is not necessarily restricted to the official setting of the church. Here are some examples where sisters and brothers took the initiative. More

IYC 2019: organisers and participants are busy compiling the programme

“Variety” will be the magic word at the 2019 International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church. That much is clear. Otherwise, the topics and schedules are still being developed. And what do the participants want? Here are some initial results. More

Trebaseleghe: looking forward to the Chief Apostle’s visit

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be in Italy this coming weekend. He will be in Trebaseleghe, 25 kilometres north of Venice. The congregation is looking forward to the special visitor, everything is ready. More

New Apostolic life in Barcelona: a congregation between tapas and WhatsApp

With a population of 1.6 million, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, and the second most densely populated city in Europe. Small in comparison is the number of people who make their way to Calle Reverendo José Bundo 14–18 on Wednesdays and Sundays. More

About dragons and skyscrapers

There are many New Apostolic congregations around the globe—rich in tradition and their own culture. There is a lot of energy everywhere, the congregations are colourful, and yet they are all united under one roof. Following is a small selection. More

A definition of sister and brother

Today is Siblings Day, a day observed in some parts of the world. The date as such, at least in terms of world history, is insignificant, but worth exploring nevertheless to look at some well-known wisdom. More

Honorary citizen award conferred

Chief Apostle Schneider immediately clarified who really deserves the honour: “You!” Prior to this, the Mayor of Baia Mare, Cătălin Cherecheș, had presented him with the honorary citizen award. More

It takes passion …

Passion, enthusiasm, love. This is what it takes to serve God and our neighbour. And this is what motivates Christians to do good and to contribute to society at large. More

community is online: issue 2018/02

community offers inspiring reading for young Christians. Whether you page through it, read it for yourself, or have someone read to you, the magazine offers content for all age groups. More

Volunteers provide ongoing help

To really make a difference requires more than goodwill and helpfulness. The key word here is “persistence”. Because those who provide lasting help, provide the best help. Following are three examples of ongoing projects by New Apostolic charities on three continents. More

New Apostolic Church in Cuba finally recognised

In Cuba, the road to formal recognition for a church is long. However, the first success on the long road to recognition of the New Apostolic Church has been achieved: it has been officially constituted. More

Setting out to make a difference

Some have already reached their goals, others are still under way. People wanting to make a difference have set out to do just that. More

Professing Jesus Christ

Anyone who is convinced of their faith wants to share it with others. While the profession of faith is still the same, times have changed as has the way of calling attention to our church. A look back at the developments in Europe. More

Anticipation and excitement around the world

There is always a lot of excitement when a visit by the Chief Apostle or the District Apostle is announced. Will everything go as planned? Has everything been thought of? Here is look behind the curtain. More

Sunday School children meet hero

A cuddly toy, vocational training, a choir leader … Effort, love, and sometimes even imagination are needed to reach out and do a good deed. Many have proved this and, in the process, have met special people. More

A week in Africa for the Chief Apostle

For a whole week, the leader of the New Apostolic Church will be travelling in the African continent. From 26 February to 4 March 2018, he will visit the countries of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon—a pastoral trip that has been planned long in advance. More

Believing and joyful in hope despite all difficulties

Pastoral care and administration: both belong together in a Church that is represented around the world. Just how this is handled in the individual countries is quite a different matter—and yet somehow the same. More

A connoisseur: words are his world

They are certainly not silent, although much of their work occurs behind the scenes. In fact, interpreters and translators play an important role in international communication in the Church. One of them retired just recently. A tribute to mark International Mother Language Day. More

A clear stance against hatred and bullying

Hate comments, racial slurs, and bullying … social media is not always a source of joy. Things are faked, there are attacks, and public sentiment is stirred up … We see it and … click to the next page? More