A clear stance against hatred and bullying

Hate comments, racial slurs, and bullying … social media is not always a source of joy. Things are faked, there are attacks, and public sentiment is stirred up … We see it and … go to the next page? More

Christian dialogue: sharing the Christian belief

Being a Christian does not stop at the church door. This is demonstrated by the many encounters during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in the past month. The common idea: different, but reconciled. More

Meetings and workshops around the world

They sit in the pew in contemplative silence … Christians love the fellowship of a divine service. But they also love informative discussions in small groups. Join us as we travel to three continents and take a look at recent meetings and workshops. More

The top ten of the first thousand: reading tips from the editors

Six days a week, except on Sundays—and sometimes more often. has been reporting about New Apostolic life around the world since it was first launched on 1 January 2015. Article number one thousand today recalls the ten most important, interesting, and touching moments. More

A better Internet starts with you

You cannot not communicate. All it takes is one word to destroy what has taken years to build up. A comment, a glance, and what you are not saying—it all has something to say. More

Serving the greater good

Modern art? A scientific design? The homepage of the New Apostolic Church India is currently featuring a somewhat unusual cover design. Read on to find out what is behind it. More

IYC 2019: it will change your life

“Here I am,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says in the middle of the stadium in which the IYC 2019 will take place. He is a little early and cuts a lonely figure, but not for long. More

Collecting water donations for Day Zero

South Africa is experiencing its worst drought in one hundred years. Currently, reservoirs are at only 17 per cent of their capacity. Day Zero is predicted for April. Water donations are beginning now already. More

A midwife without borders

Angela’s walkie-talkie squawks: “A woman’s haemorrhaging. Can you come quickly?” It is midnight. She has just gone to bed. She jumps up and runs over. More

Joyful, expectant, full of hope

The year 2018 has more to offer than work, the daily grind, and to-do lists. Many congregations are preparing for small and big events. There is a hive of activity. And there is joy, enthusiasm, and hope—something that is quite becoming to Christians. More

Ban on church services

A record-breaking number of participants in a divine service that was broadcast in Nigeria, the disappearance of two District Churches in Germany, and a ban on divine services in Zambia … News from around the world that makes people listen up. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles

Twenty-two Apostles were ordained in the past year by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, and eighteen went into retirement. Three active Apostles passed away in 2017. More

People in the news in 2017

Chrissandra, Paxton, Julia, and Sam: four names, four people, four different stories right from the heart of reality of New Apostolic Christians: sometimes sad, sometimes wonderful, but always strong in faith. More

New Apostles and churches around the world

Without movement there is stagnation. This also applies to the structure and the organisation within the Church. New ministers and churches are constantly needed. Only then can the congregations around the world be properly cared for. Following is an overview. More

The Church’s social media policy

Not sure what the Church’s position is regarding Facebook and Co.? A little unclear on how to handle the blurry boundaries between professional, private, and religious use when you post? The District Apostles have ratified The Social Media Guideline of the New Apostolic Church to provide guidance on the wise and appropriate use of social media. More

Advent, time to break out of our comfort zone

The four weeks leading up to Christmas are not only a time of holiday lights, pleasant scents, and the excited countdown to Christmas. The season of Advent challenges people: “Struggle for encounters with God. Experience God in dialogue.” More

Pastoral visits: a full calendar

They travel by air, sea, or land and log mile after mile as they bump over rough terrain and potholed dirt tracks in four-wheel drives. Getting to their congregations can be exhausting for Apostles and even dangerous. More

The horrendous cost of a plate of food

It is a crisis of catastrophic proportions, but it is hardly mentioned in the media. Millions of people in South Sudan are threatened by starvation. Aid organisations of the New Apostolic Church are doing their share to help alleviate some of the suffering. More

Advent – You get what you give!

Advent spirit and Christmas joy? Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. In the time leading up to Christmas conflicts, war, egoism, and bullying do not cease. Reflections on Advent. More

Do not forget to do good and share with others

People who do good get more out of life. Doing good, especially in the days leading up to Christmas, opens our eyes for new perspectives and wonderful experiences. Following are some examples of all that is being done for the less fortunate. More