At odds with God—and experiencing Him nevertheless!

A deaf Priest? Is that even possible? Of course it is! Frank Jensen (50) from Wiesbaden, Germany recounts his experiences of life and faith. Today these have led him to the point where he is officially a member of not one, but three, congregations at the same time. More

And what do you need?

Taking notice of deficits, shortages, and needs, supporting our neighbour and turning to him in love—this brings edification and satisfaction. More

A home away from home

This is what the Eigenmanns, a family from the Vancouver congregation in Canada, have been offering New Apostolic students for the past twelve years. More

Out and about with the youth

Mindanao is the second largest island in the Philippines. At the recent Day of the Youth there, the District Apostle also said a special prayer for peace. Join us and explore the world of New Apostolic youth with us. More

A drum roll for God

Glorifying God is not something that is done only on the quiet. Singing, dancing, making music together, and telling others about the gospel are other ways of praising and worshipping God. Our brothers and sisters in Africa are leading the way. Join us as we look at three events there. More

When distances become a challenge …

For some the way to church is long and arduous. Not every country has good roads or a public transport system. The terrain is often rough and difficult and people have to make do with what there is. More

Youth convention on a large scale

How far has the organisation of the International Youth Convention 2019 progressed? No one is better informed than Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten. He was already involved with the European Youth Day 2009 and is involved this time too. More

A new Afrikaans hymnal

It is being talked about on TV. Congregations are practising. And next weekend there will be simultaneous concerts—all in an effort to launch the new Afrikaans Hymnal. More

Intercession and genuine compassion

Let us not only intercede for those whose misery and suffering we see, but also pray for those whose distress is far less visible, such as the victims of natural disasters and conflicts which are hardly mentioned. Three examples from Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Iraq. More

Megacity Moscow: rich in history and enormously lively

A gigantic country with a long history and a lot of people between hope and wealth—in terms of area, Russia is the largest country in the world. Its mighty capital is Moscow. The New Apostolic congregation there is comparatively small, but young and active. More

Having food to eat means peace

The sun rises on this day just as it does on every other—many people enjoy breakfast, many people do not. And yet it does not take all that much to be there for other people in times of need. Today is World Humanitarian Day. More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: land of hope

Between joy and fear. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been in the grip of war and violence for years. The Chief Apostle knows the fears as well as the hopes and makes a point of addressing these issues twice on his trip there. Join us for part three of Peter Johanning’s travel diary. More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: on the up and coming

Vibrant and touching … The Church spokesman, Peter Johanning, experienced a very unique divine service for children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the children are not the only ones who captured his heart. Join us for part two of his travel diary. More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: land of dreams

Ever been in the Congo? “I would never have thought that this country being shaken by such violent political unrest would exert such a fascination on me.” The travel diary of the Church spokesman, Peter Johanning, in three parts. More

Ade-san in retirement

He was national district rector of the New Apostolic congregations in Japan. For nearly half a century he served the Church in a number of ministries. Sunday a week ago, District Apostle Urs Hebeisen placed Wolfgang Ade into retirement. More

Maiden visit to the roof of the world

They are numbered among the highest New Apostolic congregations in the world: Ghankula (2,151 metres) and Naugaon (1,435 metres) in the Himalayan foothills. Day-to-day life, getting around, and divine services—this is another world. More

New churches and a digital hymnal

There is no question about it, a Church has to move forward and keep up with technology. This week we look with pride at new churches and a technological innovation that is being used in India. More

Help for the homeless: sleeping mats from milk bags

A group of Canadians have been busy with a special project: weaving sleeping mats from recycled milk bags. More

The Queen of the Night in Lubumbashi

The Orchestra Néo-Apostolique de Lubumbashi (O.N.A.L.) was established three years ago and has made good use of the time since. The orchestra gave its first public performance on the occasion of the Chief Apostle’s visit on 15 July 2017. And it was a resounding success. More

The green children of Kawama

A divine service for children in Lubumbashi (DR Congo). There has never been anything like it: about 40,000 children in total and a Chief Apostle who walks through the rows during the service and involves the children. An amazing experience of a very special kind! More