The green children of Kawama

A divine service for children in Lubumbashi (DR Congo). There has never been anything like it: about 40,000 children in total and a Chief Apostle who walks through the rows during the service and involves the children. An amazing experience of a very special kind! More

At home worldwide: The young generation plays a leading role

Children are a blessing in a congregation and the youth are the future of the Church. Because we are aware of this many people are engaged in working to develop young talent—from the Sunday School teachers in the congregations to the Chief Apostle. Examples from four continents. More

His trademark: a way with people

He makes no fuss about his person. So why bother with an article on his seventieth birthday today? Because he was Chief Apostle? And because he carried out this ministry in a very special way? And because he is a very special person who enjoys being with people and who brings people together. We are talking about Wilhelm Leber. More

A new Apostle for Spain, Italy, and Cuba

A tribute to the retiring Apostle and great expectations of his successor … This coming weekend, there will be a change in the Church leadership in Spain. This also affects the New Apostolic congregations in Italy. More

In the picture, in more ways than one

Giving the Church a face, following divine services on television, making children with special needs feel welcome, and celebrating an apostolic anniversary … Four items of good news in this week’s review. More

“Faith has method”

Faith and science—how do these two fields fit together? Dr. Max Mühlhäuser (58), dean of the faculty of computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt and Evangelist in the congregation of Ober-Ramstadt in Germany, sees no contradictions here. More

The world needs new ideas

The Catechism in Indonesian, a new District Church in Germany, a new church in Berlin, a new well in Ghana … These are the topics in this week’s review. More

community is online: issue 2017/03

“The wrong response would be to remain motionless, inactive, and mute,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider states in his editorial of the new issue of community. Praising God and giving thanks is an essential task of everyday life. More

Glad tidings six times over

The life of New Apostolic Christians around the world is intense and exciting. This week join us for a look back at Pentecost, two church dedications, and a celebration of the Church’s beginnings. More

Kenya, a country in anticipation of the Chief Apostle

The Chief Apostle will conduct a divine service in Thika (Kenya) on 30 June. He will also celebrate the divine service for the departed in this East African country. The brothers and sisters have high expectations. More

Taking an active role

The Church is alive. The Christian community is active. Taking an active role, living one’s faith, and helping to shape things … This is what characterises Christians—not just participating in divine services. More

Megacity New York: home for people from all over the world

New York City is known for its diversity. As the gate to the New World the city has welcomed immigrants from all over the world for decades. It has become the home for people of many different cultures, languages, backgrounds, and traditions. More

A song composed with love and light

It was not her first solo in such a large Church setting. But it was the first time that her song “Lord, have mercy on my life” touched so many hundreds of thousands. Who is this young woman with the piano song from the Pentecost transmission? More

Broadening one’s outlook across borders

Day of the youth in Suriname, Vacation Bible School on the Philippinesa, and a marathon for a more peaceful world—all that and more is happening in God’s beautiful world. More

nacmaps – Finding congregations instead of looking for them

How do you get to church on a Sunday morning without any hassles and on time? We have just the thing for you—even if you have never been to the congregation before. More

Powering through the Catechism in 75 Saturdays

For many months, young people in Lubumbashi (DR Congo) have been coming together every Saturday to study the Catechism using their smartphones, laptops, and the book. More

Memorable anniversaries

Faith is also something akin to goal-oriented loyalty. And sometimes mid-term goals are worth celebrating: big and small anniversaries, personal and joint anniversaries. More

Sam, the Chief Apostle’s interpreter for English

He wowed the audience. “Fantastic interpretation” is what people said in the congregations and on the social networks. And always the same question: who is this guy who worked so hard during the Pentecost service? More

“Here I am”: the website for the International Youth Convention 2019 is online

“Here I am”—the website for the International Youth Convention of the New Apostolic Church in Düsseldorf (Germany) has gone online two years early. The website and an app will provide news and information around the upcoming youth event. More

Snapshots (5) – Time for personal encounters

For Apostles and brothers and sisters alike, Pentecost is an opportunity for reunions, fellowship, and togetherness. More