Five good reasons for hope

Hope is for fools. – Not if you have good reasons. In fact, already the expectation of something shows concrete effects. Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle on confidence, testimony, and sticking together. More

Spotlight 4/2017: Behave!

Reprimands, pressure, and a stern look—can these measures fire up our enthusiasm for Jesus Christ? District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) remembers his childhood and finds some parallels. More

Glory be to God: expressing gratitude through sacrifice and trust in God (5/7)

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is convinced: the extent to which we trust in God becomes apparent in the way we behave—in our conversations and how we treat our neighbour. More

Making God’s will happen

“Your will be done!” That is easily prayed, but what exactly is it that we must do to move from words to deeds? The answer is fourfold and was given by the Chief Apostle in a recent divine service. More

Glory be to God: keeping the commandments (4/7)

Chained to the Commandments? Forced to love the neighbour? What is God’s will for man: curse or blessing? The Chief Apostle has a clear answer. More

Victory with Christ – taking stock

“Victory with Christ.” That was the motto of the New Apostolic Church in the past year. What has remained of it? A retrospective taken from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Spotlight 3/2017: God’s glory is present in our lives

Who is God? District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio from Argentina has one, well, actually several answers to this question. Here is a brief introduction into the nature of God. More

Glory be to God: respecting the dignity of man (3/7)

Chief Apostle Schneider is asking us to keep our eyes peeled and to make a difference. The dignity of our neighbour is inviolable. Resources must be distributed fairly. This is what the Christian faith calls for. More

Unity in danger – some remedies

Unity is far more than just agreeing to disagree. In fact, it is a quality that is constantly threatened by jealousy, fear, and aggression. What can we do about this? In a recent divine service, the Chief Apostle listed a number of antidotes. More

Subscribing to fellowship with God

“Fellowship with God. What do you think when you hear this?” If you were to interview people in the street, it would elicit a number of responses such as church services, the celebration of Holy Communion, everyday experiences. Exactly! Christians experience their God in many different ways. More

Glory be to God: recognising the Creator (2/7)

God makes no distinctions. He makes the sun rise on the evil and on the good. A thought which fascinates Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. What does that mean for Christians today? More

Sharing suffering and glory with Jesus

Responsible for congregations, districts, and more? The Chief Apostle recently encouraged the leading ministers and gave them a very simple guideline: “We share the sufferings of Christ.” How this can be done without getting hurt too badly, he explained recently in South Africa. More

You don’t find a pearl like that every day

The treasure in the field was a popular image in antiquity, and one that found its way into the Bible. Today still it has a lot to tell us, for example, that human beings have to choose what is important and what is to last. Not everything can be equally valid. More

Spotlight 2/2017: Gratitude for God’s gifts

Not only gift, but also task. District Apostle John Leslie Kriel of South Africa explains what the purpose of divine gifts is. More

Glory be to God – recognising, thanking, proclaiming (1/7)

Glorify God? Gladly! But how? By singing “Hallelujah” every morning? In the New Year’s Day service, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained how we can put our 2017 motto into practice. More

Clearing the way for the Almighty

What should hinder God from saving a soul? But even for the Almighty there is an obstacle. And we human beings have the means to clear the way. Here is how in five steps. More

Following in the footsteps of the Son

How do you reach a goal? Certainly, the best way is to follow in the footsteps of a successful forerunner. Here is how the example set by the Son of God leads man to the heavenly Father. More

Spotlight 1/2017: Working on ourselves

Giving glory to God is not everything, we also have to work on ourselves. But what looks like extra work is actually the solution to how we can put the 2017 motto into practice. District Apostle Bernd Koberstein (Germany) explains how this can be done. More

“It is not enough just to keep the commandments!”

For many Christians faith has become a tradition. And yet, Christian faith also entails struggle, suffering, following, and corresponding actions! This article offers some explanations from a divine service with the Chief Apostle. More

He always has the last word!

What a know-it-all! How self-righteous! These are some fairly harmless opinions often expressed in reference to people who always want to have the last word. And if they happen to be right three times in a row, people just think of them as downright unpleasant. But how is it with Jesus Christ, the salvation of mankind? More