From outcast to saviour

This encounter is full of dynamite: stereotypes, pride, and hostility to strangers. And yet the protagonists in this scene managed to come together in record time without mediators and disputes. It worked two thousand years ago. What about today? More

Our mission as prophets – a how-to-guide

Elected by grace … but for what? To serve as a prophet, the Chief Apostle says. What?! How are we supposed to do that? Questions and answers from a divine service. More

Spotlight 6/2017: Keeping an eye on the time

Glorifying God—there is enough time for this in the new creation, or not? A peculiarity in the New King James Bible caused District Apostle Urs Hebeisen of the Philippines to reflect. More

When money and our ego pose a risk

Wealth and a strong ego—basically, there is nothing wrong with that. But there are limits, the Chief Apostle clearly says, especially when our love for God and our neighbour suffers. And he is not only thinking about today’s generation. More

Glory be to God: giving thanks by serving (7/7)

“Refuse to accept our inheritance?” Never! Chief Apostle Schneider is convinced that Christians not only have a reason to be thankful and to glorify God, but should also make this a high priority in their lives. More

Plain talk – What are you going to choose?

Is a Christian allowed to be uncompromising? Yes, says the Chief Apostle. In fact, sometimes he has to be! Following are concrete examples from a divine service, which gives insight into a somewhat different world. More

Spotlight 5/2017: Honour to whom honour is due

Paying reverence and honour is a fine thing, but it also involves risks. District Apostle Rüdiger Krause from Germany has a clear answer to the question: “Who deserves honour?”” More

God is good!

Offering out of fear of not being blessed? This is the wrong approach. The Chief Apostle recently explained this in a divine service in which He explored the goodness of God and our possibilities to respond to it. More

Reflection and preparation: on our way to Easter

Easter is not only a date in the calendar. Easter is the culmination and the final destination of a path consisting of many stages. And the starting point is today. More

Salvation, the jackpot in heaven

A good product that costs nothing? Unthinkable in a free market economy. But this is exactly what God offers: His salvation. It cannot be bought, it is a gift. This is what the New Apostolic services in March will be about. More

Glory be to God: giving thanks by forgiving (6/7)

God is merciful and forgives the sinner. This liberates and makes a repentant sinner’s day. At the same time, God expects tremendous things from us. Chief Apostle Schneider with a specific appeal. More

The night at the Jabbok – Jacob wrestles with the angel

To fight against death and the devil—this is nothing new to Christians. But to fight against an angel? An old story retold. More

Five good reasons for hope

Hope is for fools. – Not if you have good reasons. In fact, already the expectation of something shows concrete effects. Thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle on confidence, testimony, and sticking together. More

Spotlight 4/2017: Behave!

Reprimands, pressure, and a stern look—can these measures fire up our enthusiasm for Jesus Christ? District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) remembers his childhood and finds some parallels. More

Glory be to God: expressing gratitude through sacrifice and trust in God (5/7)

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is convinced: the extent to which we trust in God becomes apparent in the way we behave—in our conversations and how we treat our neighbour. More

Making God’s will happen

“Your will be done!” That is easily prayed, but what exactly is it that we must do to move from words to deeds? The answer is fourfold and was given by the Chief Apostle in a recent divine service. More

Glory be to God: keeping the commandments (4/7)

Chained to the Commandments? Forced to love the neighbour? What is God’s will for man: curse or blessing? The Chief Apostle has a clear answer. More

Victory with Christ – taking stock

“Victory with Christ.” That was the motto of the New Apostolic Church in the past year. What has remained of it? A retrospective taken from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Spotlight 3/2017: God’s glory is present in our lives

Who is God? District Apostle Enrique Eduardo Minio from Argentina has one, well, actually several answers to this question. Here is a brief introduction into the nature of God. More

Glory be to God: respecting the dignity of man (3/7)

Chief Apostle Schneider is asking us to keep our eyes peeled and to make a difference. The dignity of our neighbour is inviolable. Resources must be distributed fairly. This is what the Christian faith calls for. More