Spotlight 3/2018: Witnesses of Christ

There is a difference between a reporter and a witness. District Apostle Mark Woll (Canada) explains the difference and formulates a clear mission for Christians. More

Going through life with Jesus

“If Jesus were standing next to me, would I say this or would I do that?” Chief Apostle Schneider used a simple but clear image to make the notion of discipleship concrete. More

God gives, humans receive – The art of praying

To pray it takes more than a sense of tradition or presenting and positioning oneself. But what exactly does it take to have an active prayer life? Important are the right atmosphere, a good attitude, and the proper inner disposition. Part two of a reflection on prayer. More

“He rules in our hearts”

The king’s name is Léon. There is thunderous applause as he ascends his throne. Then another king comes, one who is different and changes everything. Scenes from a divine service for children with the Chief Apostle. More

Spotlight 2/2018 – The two pillars of faith

Christ’s faithfulness to mankind is a strong foundation on which our faith and our love rest like two pillars. This is how District Apostle Koberstein (Western Germany) interprets the 2018 motto. More

Jesus Christ: teacher, model, and central figure

Getting to know Jesus better in twenty-eight days—a challenge for preachers, believers, and skeptics. Reflection without Advent, repentance without a day of repentance and prayer. The divine services in February have a lot of potential. More

In the light: God, my neighbour, and I

Light is life! In the beginning God created light. And in His new creation He also started to send light. What kind of light? And what does that have to do with us? Some illuminating thoughts from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Celebrating Sunday

Sunday, a day like any other? No! In a divine service in Cologne (Germany), Chief Apostle Schneider recently explained the special quality of this day. More

God cares about me – The art of praying

Prayer must be learned. This is not only the case for children. At the same time, faith without prayer is hardly conceivable. Faith and prayer go hand in hand. Faith needs to express itself. Silent faith hurts. A three-part reflection. More

A fire that does not consume

“Fire!” 1,600 voices sing out. The hall literally reverberates at the première of the pop oratorio in Dortmund (Germany). But what is this choir singing about? And what does all of this have to do with a medicinal plant? Follow us on a journey through the Bible. More

A real feat: growing smaller

What do a hammer and a screwdriver have to do with church? What should women remind their husbands of? And which member is the most important one on the body of Christ? From a divine service for ministers—but not only for them. More

Spotlight 01/2018: A leap of faith into the new year

Faith and love belong together—both are based on the principle of reciprocity. This is made clear by District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny (Berlin-Brandenburg). His article starts this year’s spotlight series, highlighting our 2018 motto: “Faithful to Christ”. More

Our 2018 motto: Proving our faithfulness to Christ

“Christ is faithful, and we are faithful to Him.” Behind this simple message is not only the 2018 motto of the New Apostolic Church, but an answer to the question how this faithfulness reveals itself. More

There is a need for solidarity among churches

What exactly is church? Only the building? Only a certain denomination? An organisation? There are different definitions. Paul speaks of a “body of Christ” in Scripture. Following are some thoughts from the Chief Apostle on this subject. More

Children are a heritage from the Lord

The country does not need mini-theologians nor saints, but young Christians who have a good relationship with Jesus and are excited about God. And this is what parents and teachers want for their children. More

Destroying the works of the devil with Jesus

Doubt, lies, rebellion, fear, discord, greed, and death … Everything that comes from the evil one separates man from his fellow human beings and from God. But Jesus provided an antidote long ago. All we have to do is listen to Him. More

Being a Christian means following Christ

New year, new luck. Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, not all can tune into this. Many carry their old worries and cares over into the new year—and remain faithful to God in spite of them. Why? Because they look ahead with hope. More

The source of comfort, joy, and strength

What helps when you feel sad and weak? To have someone at your side who can help you. To have someone at your side for whom nothing is impossible is even better. Help from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

Excellent prospects

Good news from God: He allows human beings a glance into the future. What this means for us today is something we can learn from the past. Follow us on a journey through time with the Chief Apostle. More

The living and the dead: a fellowship in Christ

The New Apostolic Church’s construct of the departed raises questions. In what condition do the dead find themselves? Why do they need the sacraments? And does all of this not have something to do with Spiritism? Answers to an unusual doctrine. More