“We are definitely not greater than our Master”

Servants of God? This does not only apply to the ministers. This is what the Chief Apostle said in a recent service for ministers that was broadcast across Europe. His sermon revolved around the question: Serving – who, how, and why? More

“I believe in the power of love”

Some boldly profess their faith in a punishing God. Others quietly speak about a merciful and loving God. Strange, the Chief Apostle thinks. In the video clip he delivers a clear statement and makes an urgent appeal. More

In heaven and on earth

Fellowship with Jesus is possible already here on earth, not only in heaven. Two divine services in a row provide clarity about the future and the present. Following is a divine promise and a detailed description of the believer’s mission. More

On our way home

Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us. First surprise: this place was finished a long time ago. Second surprise: man has already been there. The question now is, how do we get back home? More

More than mere intercession: faith and love in action

He was lowered through the roof on a mat but left the house on his own two feet. But it was not his faith that helped him. This is the story of Jesus healing a paralytic and the light this event sheds on the divine services for the departed. More

Following Christ: a how-to-guide on gratitude

Giving thanks to God at all times for all things? Isn’t that expecting a bit much? “It’s unrealistic,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says, and goes on to explain what exactly is meant. Thoughts from a divine service. More

Spotlight 17/2017: How to walk and talk with God

Our series on the 2017 theme, “Glory be to God, our Father”, is about to end. However, praising and thanking God will continue until a specific date. An appeal by District Apostle Michael Deppner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More

Christ our hope

Why did Christ have to suffer? After all, He was the Son of God. The question certainly is justified and the answer clear: because of us! And why do we have to suffer? More

Serving out of love!

“Child of God”, what does it mean? Better, more important, closer to God? Most certainly not! Divine reality is far greater than the vocabulary available to human beings. A brief digression by the Chief Apostle in a recent divine service. More

Divine gifts galore

God gives, and He gives abundantly. But it does not always feel that way. A divine service by the Chief Apostle opens up a new perspective. God gives more than enough so that we can do good works with it. The hosting congregation set a touching example. More

The bitter-sweet taste of the gospel

If you chew long enough on a piece of bread it will begin to taste sweet. This is what science says. And so does the Bible. The gospel can be as sweet as honey bread, but it can also be bitter. A taste-test with the Chief Apostle. More

When dreams come true

Learning from an anxious dreamer? A story from the eighteenth century before Christ provides impulses for our encounter with God and how we should approach divine services. More

Many questions and many answers

Man has a thousand questions. Not all of them can be answered. But those who inquire of God and look for His response will not be disappointed or deceived, says the Chief Apostle. Following is an excerpt from an interactive question-and-answer divine service. More

Following the example of Jesus

Faith in the sacrifice of Jesus and in His love is essential. From there it is only a small step to responding to His love by doing good works. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider mentions seven ways we can combine our faith with works. More

Talitha, cumi! — Arise!

“It’s too late! It’s no use anymore!” That was the response of the people to Jesus some 2,000 years ago—just before He raised a young girl from the dead. And this dismissive response can still be heard again and again even today, said Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. More

“I wish I had sufficient vocabulary to describe it!”

How will the future kingdom of God actually be? In response to this question, the Chief Apostle simply stated that he was at a loss for words. But it might helpful for our understanding to read what the Bible has to say on the subject. More

Seventy sent out in pairs: trustworthy and unafraid

The tenth chapter of the gospel of Luke begins almost like a travel report: seventy disciples are to make their way through the villages, always in twos. Why? What are they preaching? And how? They had received a clear mandate for this—and it still applies today. More

Comfort from our belief in God’s love

Our conception of the departed is one of the treasures of the New Apostolic faith. But where does it come from? What are its biblical sources? And how are we to deal with it in practice? Some notes on our doctrine… More

“Remaining in the house of the Lord” — the threefold temple

Where do you find God? Everywhere, right? After all, He is omnipresent. And where do you experience God? The place where He is at home. Following is a divine service on the three places where God dwells More

Grasping the powerful hand of God in complete trust

Humble myself! What an unpalatable thought! But after all, there is likely no other alternative when it comes to God, the Almighty. Or how are we to understand this? The answer becomes crystal clear from the remarks of the Chief Apostle on the following Bible text. More