“My praise shall be of You in the great assembly”

The congregation you have spent the greater part of your life in is going to be closed. “That is painful!” Jean-Luc Schneider says. Not even the Chief Apostle is spared from such heartache. How does he deal with it? More

Do not fear: God will be with you!

Being a living example and making sure that the congregations are provided for … These are two of the five tasks given to the newest District Apostle Helper. More

Congregation: everyone belongs

The international head office of the New Apostolic Church is flying the NACI flag to make its guests feel welcome. The European District Apostle Meeting has convened its fall session. More

Helping people before they are forced to flee

“Building bridges” is the motto NAK-karitativ has given its 2016 annual report. The focus of the charity is on aid not only for those who have been displaced, but also for people in their homeland so that they do not have to leave in the first place. More

Sharing joy and sorrow

We not only share the same goal with our sisters and brothers but we also share our joys and sorrows with them. This week too there is sad and happy news to share from around the world. More

“We are not going to turn our Church upside-down!”

The New Apostolic Church’s concept of ministry is taking shape: Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained some of the key points today at a divine service for ministers that was transmitted throughout Europe—and also provided an outlook on open questions. More

A distinction: ministry and hierarchy

The new concept of ministry has begun to have some concrete implications, a point that the Chief Apostle made clear at today’s divine service for ministers, which was transmitted throughout Europe. A Special Edition of the Divine Service Guide is now being issued. The most important points from it follow in brief. More

IYC 2019: In search of artists and other contributions

Preliminary ideas for large events, possible accommodations, and a welcome package have already been set. Now the search is on for artists, soloists, and good ideas. More

At home around the world—even where need prevails

Perhaps it is only a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts: in collaboration with many other organisations, New Apostolic aid agencies are right in the thick of world events—for example, in Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. More

Australia has a new District Apostle Helper

As of last Sunday, Peter Schulte is the number two man in the District Apostle district of Australia. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider began by ordaining him into the Apostle ministry, and then went on to assign him as a District Apostle Helper for the enormous working area. More

Two hands for the International Youth Convention

Two of his submissions have been chosen now: Ralf Heller designed the key visual for the International Youth Convention 2019 as well as the logo of the European Youth Day 2009. In the following interview he explains his ideas, as well as the difference between a logo and a key visual. More

The centenary of the communion wafer: a real treasure trove

What started as a single article has developed into a ten-part series. It shows how much can be gleaned from our rich Holy Communion history. In conclusion we will look at some of the interesting bits and pieces we came across as we researched the topic. More

NAK-Humanitas is building a new children’s home

NAK-Humanitas put more than 1.2 million Swiss francs into humanitarian projects on four continents in the year 2016. In doing so, the charity is continuing to pour money and passion into a success story and following its heart. More

Youth convention on a large scale

How far has the organisation of the International Youth Convention 2019 progressed? No one is better informed than Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten. He was already involved with the European Youth Day 2009 and is involved this time too. More

Having food to eat means peace

The sun rises on this day just as it does on every other—many people enjoy breakfast, many people do not. And yet it does not take all that much to be there for other people in times of need. Today is World Humanitarian Day. More

In joy and sorrow

Good days, difficult times, and very sad news—this is something that the Apostles and their families experience too. News from the circle of the Apostles: attacks in Spain, a wedding anniversary, and two unexpected deaths. More

The centenary of the combo-wafer – beyond Bielefeld

Something has to happen when the machines run twice as quickly as originally planned. But even elsewhere, baking wafers is anything but child’s play. This is the story of production facilities beyond Bielefeld. More

Upcoming changes at the top in Australia

Peter Schulte is the name of the new man in Australia who will succeed District Apostle Andrew Andersen next year. For Australia this is a new era and for District Elder Schulte a new challenge. More

A new Apostle for Spain, Italy, and Cuba

A tribute to the retiring Apostle and great expectations of his successor … This coming weekend, there will be a change in the Church leadership in Spain. This also affects the New Apostolic congregations in Italy. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles

Currently, 353 Apostles are active around the world. Following is an overview of seven retirements, fifteen ordinations, and two appointments that took place in the first half of 2017. More