A new Apostle for Spain, Italy, and Cuba

A tribute to the retiring Apostle and great expectations of his successor … This coming weekend, there will be a change in the Church leadership in Spain. This also affects the New Apostolic congregations in Italy. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles

Currently, 353 Apostles are active around the world. Following is an overview of seven retirements, fifteen ordinations, and two appointments that took place in the first half of 2017. More

Church merger running smoothly

The merger of two neighbouring District Churches in Germany is approaching fast. The name of the new entity has been selected, its statutes have received initial approval, and the administrative offices are being restructured—and there is even a new date for the actual merger. More

Black on white: our conception of ministry is unfolding

The conception of ministry of the New Apostolic Church is becoming more and more concrete. This is reflected in the publication which the ministers of the Church around the world will be receiving over the next few days. This is not a revolution, but certainly an evolution. More

“Teach the children and inspire them!”

An appeal of a special kind: Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is constantly striving to keep an eye on the younger generation of the Church. This was not only part of his Pentecost sermon in Vienna, but also applies to the teaching materials that will be used in the various levels of Church instruction. More

Snapshots (2): Church leaders at work

Working with heart, soul, and mind: discussions by the District Apostle Meeting were on the agenda for day two and three of the 2017 Pentecost council in Austria. More

Our conception of ministry goes into the next round

For the first time this year, all Districts Apostles and their assistants will meet for a conference. This time, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider has invited them to Vienna (Austria). The focus will be on the New Apostolic conception of ministry. More

Milestones in the making

Pentecost in Vienna has what it takes to create milestones. So also in 1990, a year that went down in New Apostolic history. Besides being the first international conference of Apostles it was also the first international transmission of a Pentecost service. Follow us on a journey through time. More

100-year anniversary of the combo-wafer: given for all

Not everyone can be so carefree when they partake of Holy Communion: some of the ingredients in the wafers can be harmful for people with certain illnesses. But even here, Germany’s main wafer bakery can provide assistance. More

Pleading our own cause: we want you to share!

Whether on the web, using an app, or in print – news is available via many channels. But there are still others who want to share news in their own way. Is that all right? There is a clear answer to that question—along with three little points to observe. More

Vienna sends signals around the world

Ten satellites and eleven ground stations will make it possible: on Pentecost, the New Apostolic Church around the world will edge closer to one another and form one large congregation. And in the process the central divine service will return to the place of its roots. More

“A very solid, quiet worker”

Preserving unity is the greatest challenge. With Apostle Edy the Church in South East Asia will receive an energetic Helper. More

At home around the world: sacristy, conference centre, and hotel

The places where ministers sanctify themselves, have discussions, and engage in training can be very different. And it is definitely not always on a Sunday that they get together. More

100 year anniversary of the combo-wafer: a visit to the bakery

Successful recipes are a trade secret—normally. But this is not the case when it comes to the products of the New Apostolic wafer bakery, which are distributed around the world by the billions. Here is a look behind the scenes. More

South East Asia prepares for Chief Apostle visit

When Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider sets off for the South East Asian part of the world this Wednesday, there will be some drastic changes in store for the New Apostolic District Churches in the region. The congregations have been prepared well in advance. More

The centenary of the communion wafer – Boosting productivity

Once the decision was made the problems started in earnest: how will the wine get on the wafers? The long road from handmade applicators and waffle irons to fully automated production facilities. More

IYD 2019: Goose bumps, anticipation, ideas

“We have already accomplished a great deal,” summarises Rainer Storck, the hosting District Apostle of the International Youth Day (IYD). “We have a rough outline of events and have defined the participant groups.” More

Reconciliation is a process

“Reconciliation is not so simple,” Apostle Rolf Wosnitzka from Erfurt in Thuringia (Germany) says. Together with others he was instrumental in bringing the reconciliation process between the New Apostolic Church and the Apostolic Community forward. How did this come about? More

Reconciliation after 96 years

In 1921 they separated, in 2017 they reconciled: a reconciled co-existence was at the core of the prayer service attended by both the Apostolic Community and the New Apostolic Church. More

A new chance: Masakhe gets children off the street

Love your neighbour as yourself! Gladly. But how do you do that in a place that is ruled by drugs and violence? A project in our Leiden Central church in South Africa shows how. It not only offers children a safe haven but also helps them with their education. More