Making the world a better place

Thirty seniors belt out folk songs in a nursing home, five volunteers take responsibility for planning humanitarian projects, and a university donates digital tablets to schools—all of them are doing what they can to make the world a better place.

Strengthening families

The parents are relaxed and the children are having fun: it seems the Family Getaway Project organised by “human aktiv“ has been a success again this year. Every year, the New Apostolic aid organisation known as “human aktiv” offers families in economic need a break from everyday life. This year, eleven families with a total of 29 children took part in the event. The trip took them to Blaichach in Germany’s Oberallgäu district, where the participants enjoyed a rich and varied programme for a whole week, namely from 23 August to 3 September. The group went hiking, spent time in wildlife parks and museums, and all 50 participants even performed a number of songs in a retirement home. The evenings were filled with barbecues, crafts, and reading. On the last day, the group enjoyed a divine service together in Blaichach.

Together with the New Apostolic Social and Educational Organisation, the NAK-karitativaid organisation likewise offers families in need a break from everyday life. Families in challenging and difficult circumstances gathered in a pilgrim hostel in Bad Hersfeld, Germany from 24 July to 2 August. The program ranged from job application training to leisure activities and workshops on topics such as “household budgeting and scheduling” or “living well—shopping sustainably”. Meanwhile, the children were entertained with an exciting programme of activities.

Active seniors

If you are in South Africa on 1 July, you will find it cold because it is the country’s winter season. The seniors of the Wentworth congregation thought that the best way to combat the cold would be a nice, warm soup, so they invited chef Angelique to their monthly meeting. The latter helped them prepare some healthy soups that were later served with naan.

The seniors’ choir of the Backnang church district in Germany gathered in the lounge of a nursing home at the end of July and brought joy to the residents, almost all of whom had gathered there that afternoon to listen to the choir, which was comprised of some 30 singers. They performed Christian songs such as “Jesu Friede sei mit allen” [The peace of Jesus be with all]” or “Der Herr behüte dich” [The Lord protect you]. The residents sang along enthusiastically when the group performed folk songs such as “Am Brunnen vor dem Tore” [At the fountain before the gate]. After the concert, the singers rewarded themselves with a meal together in the church garden.

University gives away digital equipment

The University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, Netherlands made a donation of tablets to the aid organisation known as the Stichting Corantijn. Volunteers assisted in packing the tablets into shipping boxes. The digital equipment is now in containers on its way to several schools overseas.

Fifteen schools built

Last year, in collaboration with the Jörg-Wolff-Stiftung, the New Apostolic Church of Guinea built fifteen schools, donated fifteen wells, and awarded several stipends for the training of teachers and midwives. A group of responsible officials gathered in Kissidougou, Guinea in August and elected a five-person project committee to ensure that the schools can continue to receive optimal support and that further humanitarian projects can be coordinated. During the meeting, the schools presented their successes and plans to a 50-person work team. One of the major objectives in these schools is to improve hygiene. The news that many members of the Guinea congregation were volunteering in the projects filled the participants with joy.

Education is power

There are some topics that cannot be explained often enough. For example, in Riversdale, South Africa, all the ministers and functionaries met in the municipality of Mosselbay, where their district leader informed them about the guidelines on sexual misconduct. In this way, they can do their part to help protect the members in their congregations.

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