Logo 2022: Cultures nail their colours to the mast

The 2022 motto is doing its rounds. Circles and rings seem to be the most popular motif for this year’s motto “Together in Christ”. Here is a look at the various logos developed by the District Apostle Areas around the world. More

Together in Christ: overcoming what divides

Together in Christ… to accomplish this we must learn to live together in fellowship. That is not so easy. Here is the second part of our video series on our 2022 motto. More

Online services in 2022

Also in 2022 the Church will offer video services, like last year. The only difference will be that the video signal will no longer reach the faithful via satellite but via IPTV. More

Pleading our own cause: we want you to share!

The web, apps, and print products are all channels through which nac.today conveys information and news. Some people, however, still want to share it in their own way. Is that okay? There is a clear answer to this question—along with three little points to observe. More

Alert, sober, and jointly

There is no such thing as a free ticket to Paradise. This is what the Chief Apostle said in a recent service and went on to explain to the congregation what all is required to be accepted on the day of the Lord. More

Pastoral care (20): Depression—a chameleon that likes to hide

Depression is an illness no one would ever wish to have, but it is one that many people have to battle nevertheless. Pastoral care cannot cure it, but can indeed help alleviate it. But how? More

A slightly different shoebox story

Ralf Pilgrim, an Evangelist, has been the rector of the Bad Harzburg congregation in Germany since the end of September 2021. He only moved there with his family in 2020, but he has known the congregation for longer… More

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