Hong Kong to be entrusted into new hands

It is as diverse as it is small: the multicultural congregation in Hong Kong. This Wednesday, the congregation experienced an historic divine service—and not only because the Chief Apostle was there for a visit. More

Off the street, into the future

Learning and laughing, sports and games — up to 300 children a day come to the multi-purpose church in Leiden Central, South Africa. There, the Masakhe Foundation offers them refuge in a dangerous environment. More

Peace, peace—or perhaps not, after all?

Even peaceful times are at times deceiving. An imposed peace will not last very long: only if it comes from the heart will peace be serious and lasting. Following are some reflections on the International Day of Peace. More

Common ground beyond all differences

Finding common ground, being there for one another, celebrating together: fellowship makes us strong—particularly in matters of faith. This applies as much to groups of friends as it does to denominations and even businesses. More

A soul whose legacy shines far into posterity

Philanthropist, publicist, and founding Apostle: Heinrich Bornemann was born 160 years ago. The anecdotes surrounding him are beyond number. Some history—and stories—from the life of “Gentle Heinrich”. More

Not of this world, but in it

The large tent on the church grounds of the congregation of Malaika, Tanzania held over 2,500 worshippers on 10 August 2018. In the divine service he conducted there that day, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider spoke about the evil in the world and the power to resist it. More

Not every hero of faith dies a martyr

Stephen kept on going until the bitter end. But whose threshold for pain actually goes that far? Not to worry. It doesn’t have to. After all, it is less a martyr’s death than his life that makes him an example. Following are some references from daily life—for daily life. More

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