“I fight for what I believe in”

She is a remarkable personality: Lucie Bindu is a journalist. Today the native of Congo lives in Oslo. In our interview, the 27-year-old relates the things that have left an impression on her in faith and as a person. More

People after the heart of God

He was anything but perfect. And nevertheless, the biblical David was a man after the heart of God. This makes him an example for believers to this day. Here are five things we can learn from David. More

Ministry (8): Messengers of Jesus

Not every gift requires a ministry in order to unfold. And not every duty requires a ministry for its implementation. This is always a question of the respective duty—and there are some clear distinctions here. More

Spotlight 16/2019: Fruits of the Spirit

Rich in Christ? District Apostle Kububa Soko of Zambia found riches aplenty, seven to be exact. In his contribution to our Spotlight series, he tells us how and where to find them. More

They called him “Papa Ghana”

He came to West Africa without a clue, but his heart filled with love left traces that are still evident to this day: Apostle Rudolf Schilling would have celebrated his one hundredth birthday on 14 September. More

Team player rather than lone wolf

Shared leadership and collective decision-making: that is the programme in the New Apostolic Church. And this is not only the way things work in the International District Apostle Meeting, but rather also in the various governing bodies of the District Churches. More

Journeying through time in the South Pacific

Two divine services—on the same day and at the same time, but in two different places: and the Chief Apostle does not need to tear himself in two in order to make this happen. All he has to do is travel backwards in time. Totally normal—for ministers in the South Pacific, that is. More

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