The sacraments (13): “Let the little children come to Me”?

Some assigned the death penalty to baptism. And others established their very own “thousand-year kingdom of peace”. And it all began with an issue that still divides the denominations today. More

Changes in the circle of the Apostles (1/2020)

Chief Apostle Schneider ordained three Apostles in the first half of the year. Two Apostles went into retirement and one died while still active. More

Eye-opening, uplifting, and liberating

On account of distance rules there were “only” 180 people in the church—a rather unusual picture in the large church in Karlsruhe. The Chief Apostle found the perfect tone to strengthen and comfort the congregation in these difficult times. More

From the “new light” to the “message”

It is not all that uncommon for a pendulum to swing to the other side. This too is part of the story of Chief Apostle Johann Gottfried Bischoff, who died on 6 July sixty years ago—to the dismay of many brothers and sisters. More

God’s comprehensive care

God wants everyone to be saved, both here on earth and in the beyond. In both realms there is growing certainty: “God will take care of you”. Enjoy a touching piano version of the song, with the melody found in the German choir book, in preparation for the service for the departed. More

The word of God remains audible

Preaching comes through the word of God. Believers know this experience and appreciate it. Here is an overview of where the word of God can be heard and seen this coming Sunday. More

Adhering to the Bible, but in the right way

Sermons, pastoral care, leadership functions—all of these follow the standard of the Bible. But its precepts are not always clear. What Scripture says and what it does not say: a guide intended not just for ministers… More

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