Like a father

It was always there, a large capital “F” in his calendar. And it did not stand for “free”, but for the word “family”. This is how Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler regularly scheduled time for his loved ones. More

How to get Sunday School to the children

The new Sunday School teaching material is ready and is to be introduced everywhere. But in Africa this is not quite as simple as it may sound. This is what the District Apostle Meeting Africa is currently talking about. More

“Everyone is to know: we will not tolerate this!”

The New Apostolic Church strongly condemns violence and sexual assault. A clear signal is now coming from South Africa. Yesterday the District Apostle Meeting Africa dealt with this issue. More

Giving to God – what counts is our heart

The ultimate sacrifice was brought by Jesus Christ. So what use are our offerings and sacrifices? Here are five good reasons, and what they mean for the giver. More

Getting the picture (12): Dos and Don’ts

Photography in divine service. It not only raises questions, but sometimes also eyebrows. But the series shows that there are good answers and ways of doing things. As the final article in this series, here are a few dos and don’ts to make photography a memorable experience for all involved. More

“Tomorrow, God-willing!”

As an ongoing physician, Lacey Smith from Los Angeles, California (USA) participated in a year-long medical fellowship in Haiti. And this restructured her world view, she says. How and why she describes in the following report. More

Seeing eye to eye

Science and religion are incompatible like fire and water and heaven and hell. Nothing of the sort! They go hand in hand and feed off each other. Here is an interlude on World Science Day for Peace and Development that is observed every year on 10 November. More

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