Don’t miss a beat: the IYC programme is coming!

Create your own programme! The IYC Guide—which should be making its way to participants over the next few days—offers about 250 different events. Don’t miss a beat! There will be all kinds of music, presentations, and workshops—with topics galore! More

Delight over success and progress

Life and faith always involve change: sometimes you take a step backwards, sometimes you make great strides ahead. Here is an overview of some happy news from recent days. More

A glimmer of hope beyond the diamond mines

Angola is booming — and yet the gap between the poor and rich is still growing. Many people still lack the bare necessities. Some, however, are finding new prospects in a project organised by two New Apostolic relief organisations. More

Seeing both God and man the right way

Jesus Christ died so that mankind may live. “Did anyone necessarily need to be punished so that God could be well-disposed to us again?” asked the Chief Apostle. We find the answer in the Bible—and it is rather surprising. More

Hitting the road for the IYC in Düsseldorf

Twenty-two cyclists between the ages of 17 and 49 from Pforzheim in Germany … Their destination: the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf. A four-day pilgrimage by bike to the International Day of the Youth. More

Spotlight 08/2019: Rich as a disciple of Christ!

Wealth, completely independent of living conditions and bank account. In our Spotlight series, District Apostle Leonard R. Kolb (USA) mentions seven riches which every Christian has in his possession. More

I AM – a look back at the future

Words and miracles of Jesus will be staged at the IYC: the pop oratorio I AM will have its premiere in English at the youth convention. Some 3,400 singers are involved. Enjoy this mix of video clips from the rehearsals in 2019 and the premiere of the German musical in 2013. More

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