A mama for all

Not only her own large family call her Mama Rose. The members of the Calgary-Chestermere congregation (Canada) also affectionately know her by this name. They appreciate the caring nature and self-sacrificing commitment of Sister Rose Kamwanji Ndumbi (62). More

Catechism 3 – The actual work

The Catechism did not fall from heaven. A lot of work by many contributors went into the texts. Here are some insights into the work process. This is part two of a video series featuring the IYC lecture. More

Retirement after exactly 45 years

There are times when life presents one with some astonishing coincidences: this Sunday, 22 May 2022, District Apostle Wolfgang Nadolny will retire from active ministry. It was on exactly the same day 45 years before that he received his first ministry in the Church. More

Where two or three gather…

…I am there with them. This is what Jesus promises all those who take part in a divine service—whether online or in person in their congregation. More

A colony that helps fight poverty

Some 60 small farmers in Kenya are preparing to receive their first colony—a colony of bees, that is. To find out how the Apis Africana will sweeten their lives, let’s take a little tour to commemorate World Bee Day, which takes place on 20 May. More

When the form of divine service changed

A church? Well, it was rather two centres with very different cultures. One man brought the two ends together and laid many additional foundations. Friedrich Wilhelm Menkhoff was called as an Apostle 150 years ago. More

If you don’t look the other way…

…you see so many situations in which people need help. No matter if many or only a few look more closely, the help is gratefully accepted: in Ukraine, in Sierra Leone, or in the Philippines. More

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