A globetrotter full of love and creativity

Urs Hebeisen is always on the go—across geographical, technical, and sometimes even mental barriers. As District Apostle he has left his mark on many people, congregations, and the international Church. On Sunday, the Chief Apostle will be retiring a man who has a heart of gold. More

Consolation and hope go hand in hand

The needs in the many thousands of congregations across the globe are as different as the inhabitants and societies. Here is a glimpse. More

How God says: “I love you.”

Who could claim that he always feels God’s love? However, there is plenty of evidence that it is always there. This is what the Chief Apostle made clear in a divine service in Brazil recently, riveting people’s attention. More

More Bible readings and meditation in divine service

Reading the Bible is essential for Christians. In future, people who attend New Apostolic services will experience even more of this. At the recent session of the District Apostle Meeting International, the District Apostles adopted three changes. More

A good servant does the will of God

Are small congregations and a small membership a sign for weak ministers? No, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says, and explains that success can never be quantified in numbers. More

Concept of ministry to be launched on Pentecost 2019

Our new concept of ministry has reached the priestly ministry. Starting Pentecost 2019, the separation of spiritual ministry and leadership function will also come into effect at this level. This resolution has just been passed by the District Apostle Meeting. More

Street, stage, divine service – Music calls the tune

The 2019 International Youth Convention will be full of vibrant music: during the main event in the arena, during concerts on stage, or spontaneously outside and on the go. What are the plans? How can young people participate? We spoke with Evangelist Jürgen Gerisch of the IYC Planning Committee Music. More