Rich in Christ (1) – the basics

God is immeasurably rich. And He wants to share His wealth with mankind. How can we participate in it? The Chief Apostle on his motto for 2019 “Rich in Christ”—a divine service in four parts. More

New year, new ideas – How 2019 started around the world

Cancelled services because of heavy snowfall, Sunday School with recorder and trombone ensembles, and an annual programme of learning and praying. These are some of the different ways New Apostolic congregations across the world launched into the new year. More

Preserving memories (1) – Testifying with the camera

To share means to communicate. Photos do not just preserve memories. They can also picture and testify of faith. But, please, no cameras in divine services! But why not? Maybe we should have them, but then with the corresponding know-how. Here is the first article of a new series. More

God’s word in all its power and beauty

Living and powerful, sharp and piercing: the word of God is full of surprises. And a single Bible verse makes this abundantly clear: a small lexicology from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

IYC preparations are in full swing

In just a little over five months from now the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf will throw open their doors for the International Youth Convention 2019. What has been planned? Who is invited? Here is an overview. More

“I have been welcomed warmly”

About a hundred days into his new task as District Apostle in the newly established District Apostle Area Western Pacific, we asked District Apostle Peter Schulte what has changed for him and what his expectations are for 2019? An interview with Peter Schulte. More

Young talent takes centre stage

Leading by example … This is also possible with recorders, as South African Apostles and Bishops recently proved. And that was only the prelude to the Year of the Child, during which this woodwind instrument will hit the big time. More

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