The weekly update

Changing YouTube channels and upcoming services. Here is this week’s update on the central video services offered by the New Apostolic Church. More

The sacraments (64): Where the love of God breaks through

It has been called the structural law of biblical salvation history: the principle of substitution. Even the New Apostolic Church’s understanding of salvation for the departed is founded upon this. Following is the story of where the fundamental model originates—and where it ultimately leads. More

“Bethel I’ll raise”

When people are up to their necks, they usually clutch at straws. But in the case of Jacob, one of the three patriarchs of ancient Judaism, it was not merely a bit of straw, but a full-fledged ladder reaching into heaven. Here are some thoughts about images that can speak volumes. More

Together in Christ: living and experiencing it

This was the theme of a three-day youth convention for which the young people from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of France gathered at the beginning of September. Different activities took place in four camps, the highlight of which was the joint youth service in Fribourg. More

Official responses to some fundamental questions

Before we can begin to look at who can carry a ministry, we have to answer the big question of what: what is a ministry; what constitutes, determines, and terminates it? Here is a summary with links that will take you deeper into the subject matter. More

community 4/2022: There is always something new

The structure and features are always the same, but the content is always new and different. The latest edition of community is ready to be distributed in many languages and with news from around the New Apostolic world. More

God’s word within our own four walls

Divine services with Holy Communion are beginning to be possible in more and more congregations. But because this is still not possible everywhere and not for everyone, online services continue to be streamed. Following are the links for this coming Sunday. More

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