A man of many talents

Wilhelm Sebastian was a man who was entrusted with special missions. He was barely 25 years old when he was sent from Hamburg to Brunswick to establish a congregation there. One of the special assignments given him is still of importance to the Church today. More

Flashback (3): “The tool in His hand”

Whether it is chaotic or orderly, a construction site is still a construction site. And sometimes you might ask yourself: what will this become? It is good to know the builder. This is what District Apostle Michael Deppner (DR Congo-West) said during the Pentecost service. More

Online services at a glance

The central divine services that the Church broadcasts are a global and multilingual offer that is independent of time and place and the current development of the pandemic. More

Ordination of women: the decision-making process

The deliberations on the topic of women in ministry are entering the next round. This is what the Chief Apostle says in his annual interview of 2021. He gives a concrete roadmap and an update on the current status of the discussions. More

Unwavering, this is how God gives

There is nothing unusual about a divine service being broadcast to several countries. What is unusual, however, is a divine service being broadcast from several countries. The topic was: perfect gifts of timeless value. More

The best help is independence

Earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunamis again and again destroy people’s lives in South-East Asia. Emergency relief and rebuilding are not the only way to help them, though. In the long run, something else is important. More

Spotlight 9/2021: Christ will help His church

Ultimately it is His church, District Apostle Rainer Storck of Germany says. Therefore, the Son of God will look after the future of His church. What a comforting thought! More

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