Flashback (1): Focusing on what is really important

More theory than practice, more word than deed: sometimes our life of faith becomes bogged down. And this puts our own salvation at risk. The Chief Apostle explained what can be done about this in the Pentecost service. More

Where two or three thousand are gathered

A divine service with over 7,000 participants, a concert with around 2,000 performers, and a Church Convention that takes over an entire city. These major events continue to have an impact, whether on a small or large scale or as a catchy tune. More

Church leadership takes a critical look at itself

The large Regional Churches have done their homework—and received good grades. A first self-assessment is now available to the international Church leadership based on its good governance policy. What this is about and what it is good for … More

Activity of the Spirit and love of neighbour

“Congregation of the Future” is the name of a European project group. One question is so fundamental that it has now been raised by the International District Apostle Meeting. More

Developing the liturgy

Some 125 years ago, Chief Apostle Friedrich Krebs ordained two men as Apostles who had already served the still young Church admirably. In addition to the ministry, the two men had things in common that still have an impact today. More

Pentecost 2024: the music video

It was one of the most touching moments in the 2024 Pentecost service from Lucerne in Switzerland. The hymn “I know of a river”. It was sung in preparation for Holy Communion for the departed. Here is the video. More

Snapshots (5): Faith in focus

Focusing on the basic elements of faith and incorporating them into everyday life: this is the message of the 2024 Pentecost festivities. And here is the photographic focus from the divine service in Lucerne, Switzerland. More

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