Nearer to God - always and everywhere

“Nearer, my God, to Thee” is the goal both in this world and in the beyond. And this is what unites the souls here and there. To set the mood for this Sunday’s service for the departed here is the well-known hymn in the form of a piano ballad. More

Divine service for the departed: Jesus is Lord

Christians feel a need to intercede for the dead. This coming Sunday, New Apostolic Christians will celebrate the divine service for the departed. The services will be broadcast around the world. More

The church year is quietly drawing to a close

This year, the month of November has five Sundays. The church year ends on the last Sunday of the month, meaning that the Advent season begins at the end of November. How quickly a year passes! Reason enough to occupy ourselves with future things. What is meant here is a fundamental theological concept. More

Giving thanks? Now is precisely the time!

Giving thanks to God? In difficult times this may not come to us so easily. Yet it is part of the battle against the crisis, says the Chief Apostle. He also explains how to manage this and what we get out of it ourselves: a divine service in two groups of five thoughts. More

Apostle Haeck assumes the chairmanship of the CCC

The Council of Christian Churches (CCC) in Luxembourg is the official name of the round table at which the ecumenical churches of the Grand Duchy gather together to discuss Christian issues in the country. The CCC has recently appointed a new chairman: Clément Haeck, a retired Apostle. More

The sacraments (21): At the table with Jesus and the disciples

A farewell dinner among friends—with some far-reaching implications: for 2,000 years, Christians of all denominations have been celebrating this festive meal over and over again. Here is what the New Testament has to tell us about the last supper of Jesus Christ. More

The joy of singing defies the Corona crisis

In virtual rehearsals to a virtual choir: “Practice with purpose” is the concept of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa. The choir has made its first public appearance and is ready for the second round. And it’s not just about singing. More