community is online: issue 2015/02

The second edition of our international member magazine is ready for download. Featured are reports on divine services of the Chief Apostle on four continents and an excerpt from the new Catechism in Questions and Answers.

The worldwide member magazine is only one element of the restructured media portfolio of the New Apostolic Church. There is also a corporate website, an online news magazine, and a social network. For Internet users, the Church also offers various applications for mobile devices.

A magazine in 40 languages

On 32 pages, community reports on divine services, doctrinal matters, and our congregations around the globe. In his editorial, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider mentions three factors that support our 2015 motto and contribute to our “Joy in Christ”.

community, that is, a core section of it, is published in 40 languages. In addition to the primary languages of English, French, and Spanish, the magazine is also translated into Arabic, Indonesian, Latvian, Portuguese, and Tamil. Some of these publications carry an extra regional section that features additional local Church events. The core content of community is also published in the German magazine Unsere Familie and in African Joy, which is published in another 20 languages.

Success through team-work

The success of community is a collaborative effort between the District Churches, the Church-owned Bischoff Publishers, and the Communication Services team of the New Apostolic Church. Within the space of a few months a network was created so that community could be created, translated, and distributed to the members of the Church around the globe. And the members seem to be thrilled, “Wonderful that we all can share the good news,” Peter from New York writes. And young people from the Congo posted the following on Facebook, “C’est vraiment génial!”

All editions of community can be downloaded from at any time.

community shqiptar (Albanian) 2015/02 Link
community الامارات العربية (Arab Emirates) 2015/02 Link
community հայերեն (Armenian) 2015/02 Link
community български (Bulgarian) 2015/02 Link
community český (Czech) 2015/02 Link
community english (English) 2015/02 Link
community français (French) 2015/02 Link
community français (French/Switzerland) 2015/02 Link
community deutsch (German/Switzerland) Regional AP Kainz Link
community ქართული (Georgian) 2015/02 Link
community ελληνικά (Greek) 2015/02 Link
community magyar (Hungarian) 2015/02 Link
community bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) 2015/02.pdf Link
community italiano (Italian) 2015/02 Link
community Latvijas (Latvian) 2015/02 Link
community Lietuvos (Lithuanian) 2015/02 Link
community português (Portuguese) 2015/02 Link
community românesc (Romanian) 2015/02 Link
community español (Spanish) 2015/02 Link
community español (Spanish/Switzerland) 2015/02 Link
community Tamil (Tamil) 2015/02 Link

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Oliver Rütten
Media, International