Spotlight 9/2017: A matter of attitude

Glorifying God as a short-term project? An interesting idea. It would make the task a little less challenging. District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Southern Germany) urges us to do more, however.

This year’s motto encourages us to praise and honour God with our whole being.

Of course we can enjoy what we have achieved or be happy that we have succeeded at something after putting a lot of effort into it. But let us never forget that, in the end, we have God to thank for everything.

HE is the Giver of all good things, in the earthly and in the spiritual. HE carries us, when we have reached the end of our tether. HE lets us grow in the mind and nature of Jesus.

If we think about this we will feel an urge to thank Him, to praise and honour Him—in words, works, and through our nature.

In a hymn it says something to the effect of: “I want to praise the Lord as long as I live.” Not every now and then, not only when there is a concrete reason to do so—but as a dominant inner attitude.

This attitude can be expressed, for example, in prayer and in our conduct when we trust in God and lead a life that pleases Him. That means giving the divine life room and following the Lord consistently. That means working along in His work—not only in a project-related way but continually and fulfilling our tasks in a sustainable and reliable manner.

HE will respond with His blessing—one that lasts and will culminate in our sharing eternal fellowship with Him.

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