Spotlight 06/2018: Our whole life

The results count, not only our will. Faithfulness requires determination, District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Germany) says. Reflections on our 2018 motto.

The promise: “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2: 10) does not state that we can earn ourselves the kingdom of God in any way. Rather, this Bible verse addresses the result. If we are faithful in the mind and spirit of Christ and shape our lives according to His teachings, this will be the outcome.

“Faithful” here means “constant”: not only for a while, but until our end, as we promise in the confirmation vow. That means we are devoted to the Lord and are closely connected with Him in all circumstances.

That includes, for example,

  • the daily effort to implement the will of God;
  • persevering in prayer and not only calling on God in emergency situations, but fostering a permanent relationship with Him.
  • giving God first place in our lives and serving Him, and not only helping along in the congregation if there is a project we like or one in which we can shine by helping along.
  • exercising love and being prepared to reconcile by forgiving those who have treated us unfairly seventy times seven (Matthew 18: 22), in other words, every time.

Such faithfulness to Christ will allow us to reach our goal: to be accepted in grace upon His return.

Photo: NAC Southern Germany

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