A Deacon plays the role of a District Elder

Resolving conflicts and working together constructively … Ministers in Ghana recently came together for a capacity building workshop. And that can mean that they slip into a role other than theirs.

Seminars for ministers in Ghana

Thirty-nine ministers gathered for seminars recently in Sogake District in Ghana. Topics were conflict management, obligation to secrecy, leadership, delegation, and communication. The seminars were led by District Evangelist Edwin Agbavitor and Shepherd Geoffrey Amedoe. In group activities, role plays, and discussions the participants were able to solidify their understanding of the subject matter. And to do so, a Deacon even slipped into the role of a District Elder.

At the conclusion of the seminars, the ministers and members came together on 24 June to view the video transmission of a divine service by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider from Passau in Germany.

First Youth Day in the Balkans

“About thirty young people and their ministers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia gathered for their Youth Day from 15 to 18 June 2018 in the Croatian seaport of Zadar,” the District Church Switzerland reports, which is responsible for the members in these countries.

For most of the participants this event was a first. Never before had they had the chance to meet young sisters and brothers from other countries. Their expectations were therefore quite high. The four days were filled with sports and activities and intensive discussions. In conclusion, District Elder Stojan Manevski from Macedonia conducted a divine service. He based his sermon on Ecclesiastes 11: 9: “Rejoice, O young man, in your youth, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; walk in the ways of your heart, and in the sight of your eyes; but know that for all these God will bring you into judgment.” The District Elder advised the youth to enjoy their life and take God with them.

Now the young people are looking forward to the International Youth Convention in Düsseldorf (Germany) that will be taking place from 30 May to 2 June 2019. Some 40,000 young people are expected at the exhibition grounds of the city. The young people from the Balkans will also be there.

Apostles and Bishops meet in South Africa

District Apostle John L. Kriel recently invited the Apostles and Bishops of the District Church Southern Africa to their annual meeting. Topics on the agenda were of an organisational and pastoral nature. Among other things, the ministers were informed about a project called OASYS, software developed for the Church to help it understand the state of affairs in all its territories. The software is being employed in various African countries, and it is to be introduced in Mozambique, which falls under the District Church Southern Africa. It supports Church leaders in administrative work and the gathering of statistics.

The meeting was also used to launch a personal activity analysis, a procedure to help the Apostles and Bishops assess their time management skills. The confidential self-analysis is critical to the ongoing existence of the Church. The District Apostle also tabled a high-level presentation, introducing a strategy for creating access for persons with disabilities in the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa. The presentation essentially proposed a roadmap for consideration by the Apostles and Bishops on how to promote the inclusion and engagement of people with disabilities in the programmes offered by the Church. District Apostle Kriel said that he is “in a hurry” to commence with the project, Care for Special Needs.