Inspired to help others

For many people across the world, life is a daily struggle. Thankfully there are always those who find ways to help, who understand them, and can bring joy.

National borders, languages, and political changes can limit and even isolate. Some things seem unchangeable, and yet there are always ways and possibilities that open up. Many people are out and about in an effort to help others out of love for them. A look at some of the efforts around the world.

Helping children across borders

Tupi, a city in the Philippines is more than 11,000 kilometres away from Switzerland, where NAK-Humanitas, a Swiss aid organisation, has its seat. The Swiss and the New Apostolic aid organisation NAC SEA Relief Fund in the Philippines have been working together for several years. The most recent project from an extensive list was completed at the beginning of December: Acmonan Primary School for 110 pupils in Sitio Kafok.

The public school offers space for two classes. Located in a remote area, it now provides quality education in collaboration with local government agencies, parents, and teachers. Mabelle Bagtas, project manager of NAC SEA Relief, says: “We see this as a contribution in the prevention of poverty. Without schooling our children have no future.”

Staying informed

Once a quarter, the New Apostolic Church publishes community. The English, French, and Spanish editions are created by the International Church in co-operation with Bischoff Publishers. Additional language variants are produced and distributed by the respective District Churches. Upon completion, these editions find their way into the community archive on Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Portuguese, and many more.

Many of these editions offer special features: namely, additional articles from the region they cover. All issues can be downloaded free of charge from the archive.

A second visit to struggling Venezuela

Since the travel restrictions between the USA and Venezuela are still in force, District Apostle Montes de Oca of Brazil visited the New Apostolic members in Venezuela a second time on behalf of District Apostle Leonard Kolb (USA). He was accompanied by Apostle Barrera. They travelled across seven states covering over 2,500 kilometres and serving over 1,200 members.

District Apostle Montes de Oca reports that the situation in the country has worsened. The infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly, including the roads, meaning that it takes twice as long to get anywhere. The lack of water is another problem that the people are struggling with. In many divine services and home visits, the District Apostle was able to pray with them and encourage them.

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