The IYC is over. The IYC is here to stay.

No more green route, no more “Heeeere I aaaaam”, and even the French have returned home again. The IYC is over. Yet, even several days later the mega-event still dominates the Church’s media.

What is happening in New Apostolic congregations around the world? Short news items on regularly offer an overview of the many things that are happening around the world. Even a few days after the IYC, one topic is still at the top of everyone’s list: the International Youth Convention—and this is the case everywhere.

Nigeria reports enthusiastically about the live video conference between Lagos and Düsseldorf. Thanks to Skype, the distance of almost 7000 kilometres between the two places was reduced to zero. Hundreds participated in the video conference in our church in Lagos and at the booth of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany in Hall 6 in Düsseldorf. The young people talked about the Church, the youth convention, performed skits, and spoke with the Apostles. The young people in Africa were also able to enjoy the transmission of the divine services, the opening event, and the evening show #HereThereEveryhere.

Southern Africa followed the worldwide invitation. “Here I am” is what a group of young people from South Africa—a delegation from the District Apostle Area Southern Africa—was able to say, who had come to the IYC. In colourful clothes they participated in the event in Düsseldorf, representing their sisters and brothers in distant Europe. The young Christians shared the memories of their trip to Düsseldorf on the website of the District Church.

Young people from the Philippines and Indonesia stopped over in Switzerland on their way to the IYC. A delegation of 31 young people set out for Germany at the end of May. However, they did not go directly to Düsseldorf, but stopped off in Zürich and Berne (Switzerland) to visit the youth there. The young people spent a lot of time together. On a mountain excursion, the South-East Asian young people even had the opportunity to touch snow for the first time in their lives. Their excursions also included visits to the Swiss capital Berne, the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen, and the Church administrative offices in Zurich. Even before the IYC started, the young people were able to share fellowship and gain many new and amazing impressions.

NAC SEA Relief and NAK-Humanitas joined forces at the IYC. The aid organisations of the New Apostolic Church South-East Asia and Switzerland were both represented at the IYC and shared a booth. What the two aid organisations have been living over the years in their daily work could now also be seen at the youth convention: more can be accomplished together.

A new campaign kicks off. NAK-karitativ goes green. Things really started to roll after the IYC. The new participation campaign that was launched in Düsseldorf offers many opportunities also after the youth convention to act in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. “The work of NAK-karitativ is largely related to the effects of climate change. For many years, NAK-karitativ has been investing in organic agriculture, for example, to ensure a reasonable income for smallholder farmers in Africa. Many projects include climate-relevant components,” the aid organisation states on its website and offers an interesting approach to join in.

Reports, pictures, and videos on the IYC website. A whole series of retrospectives are being offered by the IYC website. Even days later, new reports, news, and background reports on the extensive programme of the Youth Convention are being published on a daily basis.

Here as well as on many other social media channels the IYC lives on: to the joy of the youth, the IYC ambassadors, and the sisters and brothers around the world.

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