Round two in Dessau: behind the camera

The Chief Apostle invites all members to a virtual information evening this coming Tuesday. The video for this worldwide broadcast was filmed already in July. Here is a look behind the scenes.

“Bonk!” The camera drone almost crashes. The pilot just manages to regain control. It is difficult to reverse, even for a drone, especially when a lamp-post is in the way. The palm-sized device hums as it flies over the New Apostolic church in the town of Dessau in Germany.

Members in the focus

Behind the altar, the tall glass cross projects its light onto the stone floor of the bright and welcoming church hall. Depending on the time of day, the cross changes colour, varying between pure white, cheerful yellow, and blood red.

Wires run between the pews of the church. Video cameras are spread throughout the room. They are aimed at Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, who wants to address his brothers and sisters around the world.

In person and in three languages

The subject this time are the deliberations on the topic of “Women in ordained ministry”. This was recently announced on, the website of the New Apostolic Church. The Chief Apostle, the District Apostles, and the Apostles have been debating this subject for three years now, most recently at the District Apostle Meeting in Buenos Aires just before Pentecost.

The Chief Apostle himself will provide information on this subject, along with the theological content of these deliberations. Where at all possible, the brothers and sisters around the world will be informed at the same time, and preferably in their own language. In addition to French, the native of France also has English and German in his repertoire. That is why his presentation was recorded, and three times.

Experience cuts filming time in half

The team around the Chief Apostle came all corners of Germany. Three cameras were used, as well as one of the new compact OB vans from Bischoff Publishers. This is where all the cables converge.

The filming took only one day, even though two days had initially been planned. But everyone was well prepared. The Chief Apostle is now a little more confident in front of a camera thanks to eight years of New Year’s video messages. Although one does kind of notice that this sort of thing is not his favourite pastime.

This is actually a sequel

This is already the second time that Dessau has hosted such a video recording. The Chief Apostle and his team were there already in April 2019 to film the first part of the explanations on the changes in our concept of ministry. The choice of the location for the second part shows that Tuesday’s broadcast is part of the same broad context.

Already Chief Apostle Fehr had begun to clarify and formulate our doctrine in more detail. His successor, Wilhelm Leber, continued this work, which resulted in the publication of the Catechism. And Chief Apostle Schneider then took over the task of defining a last open issue: our concept of ministry. From 2014 onwards, fundamental questions were addressed. Since 2019, additional questions have been addressed.

The video will premiere on 20 September 2022 at 7.30 p.m. (UTC+2). The receiving congregations will be determined by the respective Regional Churches. Due to the time differences, an alternate transmission date will also be announced by the responsible Regional Church. The video will be available on and on the social networks from around 9 p.m.