A team-effort: the Catechism in Cebuano

Featured this week is a youth gathering in Malaysia, a new health centre in Zambia, and a new edition of the Catechism. If ever you have wondered who Inonge Wina is or where Cebuano is spoken, it is time to browse into nac.today.

The year ends with “Joy in Christ”

While people in Europe are singing “In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan”, some 50 young people gathered for their annual Day of the Youth on the other side of the globe in hot summer temperatures. Apostle Fred Wolf and the fifty youth were together in Malaysia for two days to discuss their faith and to have fun. On Sunday the Apostle celebrated a service for the youth. There were 79 in attendance because some members from nearby congregations joined the group.

There are about one thousand New Apostolic Christians in this small state located in South-East Asia. Apostle Fred Wolf is responsible for the pastoral care in the country and is assisted by 41 ministers. Malaysia is part of the District Apostle Area of South-East Asia, which is under the leadership of District Apostle Urs Hebeisen.

A new medical centre in Zambia

The Vice President of Zambia, Mrs Inonge Wina, thanked the New Apostolic Church Zambia for partnering with the government in the quest to deliver quality health care to the people. Mrs Wina met with District Apostle Charles Ndandula and other representatives from the government and the Church on 17 December 2015 to inaugurate a health centre, the Graceland Chisanga Mission. This project was realized by the Church with support from the government and will provide public service.

The Graceland Chisanga Mission was set up by the Church in the area of Mkushi as part of its missionary work there. It was established as a centre of excellence and focuses on three areas: evangelizing, community service, and sustenance.

The facility is run by the New Apostolic Church Zambia. Like in many places around the world, the Church also invests in social and humanitarian activities in Zambia, and in projects that provide and sustain public service.

Catechism now available in Cebuano

After Tagalog, Cebuano is the second most widely spoken language in the Philippines. Roughly 18 million people speak this Austronesian language. There are about 45,000 New Apostolic Christians in the Philippines spread over about one thousand congregations; the Church has now provided the Catechism for them.

The website of the Church in the Philippines describes the translation process as very challenging and that many members worked on it. The Catechism is also available in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and soon also in Bahasa Indonesia as well as Korean.

The Catechism in Cebuano is available as a download on the website. It is a 375-page document.

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