SplitView and 3D Touch for the Catechism

A book of faith, a reference work, Church doctrine pure … The Catechism has been given many names, and in the meantime also quite a number of formats. One of its digital variations has just received a complete makeover.

Reading and working with the Catechism app has just become even more fun. 3D Touch, SplitView, SlideOver, and AirPrint are no longer strangers to the Catechism app, but a functioning component of the free Church app.

Security for the believer

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church offers fundamental information on the New Apostolic faith. The various aspects of the New Apostolic doctrine are explained in great detail. The Catechism is ideal as a reference book, and it offers stimulating and indepth reading on theological issues.

Answers for the inquiring mind

The written doctrine of the Church was published as a book in December 2012 and is being complemented by a second printed version in a question-and-answer format. And regardless of whether readers search for content in the print or the digital version, they will find answers to all their questions concerning the New Apostolic faith.

Functions for the user

The app naccatechism contains the long version of the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church and features functions such as bookmarks, search functions, the display of Bible passages, and much more. Already before the update, the app offered many functions. It is not only ideal for an occasional read, but lends itself well to the intensive study of doctrinal content.

The app has new features

  • Read daily: If activated, the app reminds the user to read daily. The app remembers the spot where the reader stopped last and brings him back to the same spot when he wants to continue. This function can be activated and deactivated in the settings. It is also possible to select individual chapters.
  • SplitView, SlideOver, and Split-screen mode: Tablets running on iOS or Android display the Catechism app in a split view. This is very convenient if you want to refer to a Bible text while reading or make notes.
  • AirPrint and GoogleCloudPrint allow you to print content from the Catechism app conveniently from your iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • 3D Touch: iPhones starting with generation 6s and iPadPro are supported by 3D Touch. With Peek&Pop you can launch actions such as the context menu of the respective sub-chapter by pressing firmly. QuickActions allows you to perform the most important actions right from the home screen of your iPhone.

The iOS app for iPhones and iPads is available for free from the AppStore.

The Android app for Android smart phones and tablets is free from the Google Play Store.

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