IYC 2019: it will change your life

“Here I am,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says in the middle of the stadium in which the IYC 2019 will take place. He is a little early and cuts a lonely figure, but not for long.

The seventeen District Apostles from around the world met for a conference in Dortmund (Germany) with their assistants this past November 2017. The city which will host the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC 2019), Düsseldorf, is a stone’s throw from Dortmund.

Many of the Church leaders spent the Saturday afternoon informing themselves about the status of the preparations and the infrastructure of the exhibition grounds.

The video shows some of the Apostles reminiscing about the European Youth Day 2009 while others share their excitement about the opportunities the IYC in 2019 will offer.

Come!, Komm!, Allez!, Ayo! and Vamos! the District Apostles invite their youth, and Chief Apostle Schneider adds: “We are waiting for you!”

Information on the current state of preparations is provided by the organisers on http://iyc2019.org, on the Facebook page, and also via app (download in the Apple AppStore for iOS, and download in the Google PlayStore for Android).

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