Christ, the Lord of life

The Christian faith gives security and peace of mind. However, the gospel also highlights the fact that duties await every believer. The Sunday divine services in the month of May describe this interaction.

Christ the Creator

Security: Security: It was not coincidence or arbitrariness that created the world and mankind. In oneness with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ is the creator of all things; this incorporates both this world and the beyond. Both the visible and invisible realms are subject to Him.

Duty: Knowing that God created the visible realm, makes the believer treat the creation as a gift of God and not as his possession. He takes care of it and protects it, not only for himself but also for the coming generations. Knowing that God created the invisible realm, the believer does not only focus his life on material things.

Christ, the Lord over life and death

Security: By raising the dead, Jesus demonstrated his divine authority. He is Lord of life and death. However, as true God and true Man, Jesus also empathises with human beings when they are afraid, when they suffer. He shares in the fate of humankind.

Duty: Once miracles have been witnessed and acknowledged, it is important to follow Christ. This is not something that happens automatically, but is demonstrated by faith in God’s omnipotence and love, and by faith in the life, death, resurrection, and return of Jesus Christ.

Christ, ruler over nature

Security: A stormy night out on the lake. The disciples are terrified. Jesus intervenes and the storm dies down. Jesus rules over the forces of nature. Christ knows about people’s fears. He is mindful of them. This is reassuring and has a calming effect.

Duty: Believers trust in the omnipotence of God, even when everything in their lives has been turned upside down and there seems to be no help in sight.

Christ, the Lord in our fellowship

Security: In His bread of life discourse (John 6), Jesus makes it clear that He Himself is the bread of life. His sacrificial death is the foundation of man’s salvation. Jesus Christ is the guarantor for man’s eternal fellowship with God.

Duty: The worthy participation in Holy Communion promotes fellowship with Jesus Christ and fellowship with one another. It is essential for the preparation for the day of the Lord.

The returning Christ

Security: Jesus will return in order to take His church to Himself. Jesus Christ makes possible what no man can create out of His own strength: eternal fellowship with God.

Duty:Jesus will return to draw to Himself the church that believes in Him, that resists sin, that testifies of Him, and is one with Him. Faith in Jesus Christ as the one who died, resurrected, and ascended into heaven, and faith in His teaching, are essential in order to experience this moment.

The divine services in the post-Easter period focus on Jesus Christ. He is the Lord of life and makes eternal fellowship with God possible.

Photo: Romolo Tavani

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