Light despite massive power outage

A congregational anniversary in the dark—that does not happen very often. Nevertheless, New Apostolic congregations in Argentina proved that it can be done. They celebrated their anniversaries peacefully.

Anniversary celebrations despite power failure. On 16 June Argentina stayed dark. A massive power outage hit the country. The blackout also affected Uruguay and parts of Paraguay. Millions of people were cut off from power, huge cities were literally left in the dark. But none of this could keep four congregations from celebrating their long-planned festivities.

Santa Fe Nº1: the congregation is located in Lanús, about eight kilometres south of the capital city Buenos Aires. The congregation there celebrated the seventieth anniversary of its dedication, which took place on 12 June 1949. The service was attended by 162 believers and conducted by Apostle Guillermo Eduardo Canessa.

Lobos: the city is situated about 100 kilometres south of Buenos Aires. Our church there was dedicated on 17 May 1969. Many former members were invited for the fiftieth anniversary festivities. Also participating were retired ministers, among them the retired Apostle Norberto Picchi. Bishop Ruben Ramos conducted the divine service.

El Talar Nº1: in the district of Tigre, situated 28 kilometres north of Buenos Aires, the congregation El Talar No. 1 celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Because of the power outage the celebration turned out a little different than planned. The service was conducted with emergency lights and without microphone. But nothing was able to dampen the festive mood of the 110-strong congregation. Apostle Gerardo Daniel Zanotti conducted the service.

Garín Nº 1: here too, the congregation celebrated its jubilee. The renovations were completed just in time so that the celebration turned into a kind of recommissioning. Bishop Fernando Altare conducted the service. The power outage here could be remedied with an emergency generator.

Five go, three come. The retirement of five Apostles in one divine service is nothing new for Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. But for the members in Germany this is certainly a little out of the ordinary. On Sunday, 30 June 2019, the Chief Apostle will conduct a divine service in Oberhausen (Germany) and retire five long-serving and dedicated Apostles: Apostle Manuel Luiz from Portugal (34 years in the Apostle ministry), Walter Schorr from Germany (27 years in the Apostle ministry), Pavel Gamov from Russia (26 years in the Apostle ministry), Wilhelm Hoyer from Germany (25 years in the Apostle ministry), and Clément Haeck from Luxembourg (nine years in the Apostle ministry).

Three Apostle will be ordained: Stefan Pöschel, Thorsten Zisowski, and Dimitrios Diniz.

Reporting workshop in Ghana. Twenty-six members from 15 Apostle districts in Ghana gathered in Kumasi for an editor and reporting workshop. Bishop Eric Yaw Ampadu, deputy editor-in-chief for all Church publications in Ghana and West Africa, and Deacon Fred Quansah-Haylse led the workshop. Eleven topics were on the programme to guide the participants in proclaiming the gospel. Among them were guidelines on reporting, sharing a clear message, the Five Ws, and photography. And of course there were practical exercises and a report about the successful event.

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