The Church is alive, enthusiastic, and ready to help!

Enjoying divine services, cultivating fellowship, making music, and helping our neighbours—lively and active congregational life can be found on all continents. Join us on a tour through various countries…

Celebrating divine services strengthens the soul and encourages fellowship!

South America. At the turn of the month, confirmands in South America stepped up to the altar and vowed their faithfulness to God. The congregations celebrated these acts of blessing with festive divine services. It was for this purpose that District Apostle Enrique Minio and the Apostles travelled through Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Bolivia.

South East Asia. District Apostle Edy Isnugroho and the Apostles were also on the go in the Philippines. They visited the congregations and celebrated divine services with over 1,000 members in the region. On the second Sunday of Advent, there was a large district service in the congregation of Lagau, in which District Evangelist Servando Villarente, Shepherd Libro Camilo, Evangelist Sofony Nuyad, and Evangelist Vincente Inggos were retired from ministry.

New Zealand. The website of the New Apostolic Church in the “New Zealand District” is also reporting on a baptism, the reinstatement of some ministers, and the appointment of a rector.

Making music brings praise to God and joy to our neighbour.

Ghana. The “Night of Music” delighted many listeners over the past week. In the central church of Techiman there was a concert marking the 50-year anniversary of the Church in the country. Even the Apostles and some ministers formed a choir to help celebrate.

South Africa. Members sent out invitations to a festive concert in the East London International Convention Centre. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was even among the guests in attendance last Saturday. The performers included choir members of the Project Choir and Orchestra of the “Eastern Cape Area” as well as the Sunday School Choir of the “Buffalo City District”.

Helping others—this is charity in practice, be it on a personal level or organised by an institution.

Germany. The “Hänsel und Gretel” [Hansel and Gretel] Institute headquartered in Karlsruhe aims to protect day-care-aged children throughout Germany from sexual abuse. The aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany supports the institute in its work. To assist them in their prevention efforts, District Apostle Michael Ehrich presented the organisation with 13 “Starke-Kinder-Kasten” [Strong Children Boxes].

South East Asia. Rosana, Zyrah, Rhena, and Richard have done it! They have passed their licensing exams and are now graduates of NAC SEA Relief’s scholarship programme. The aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church of South East Asia not only helps in the event of catastrophes and accidents, but also provides support to young people with their training through special scholarships. The delighted supporters offer their heartfelt “congratulations to the future teachers!”

Zambia/Malawi/South Africa. The aid organisation of the New Apostolic Churches in Germany known as NAK-karitativ is teaming up with “weltwärts”, a programme sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). There are still some openings for voluntary service. All information and application documents are available at the NAK-karitativ website.

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