Interview with Apostle Hoyer: "Profess the faith" and "The Catechism - questions and answers"

"The Christian faith is intended to be shared with others" (from the introduction to the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church). - When and what do you confess", that was the introduction to the workshop, which the Apostle Wilhelm Hoyer and Dieter Prause moderated at the ICC 2014. nacworld spoke to the Apostle Hoyer afterwards.

Please present your activity to us.

On the one hand Apostle Dieter Prause and I spoke on the theme Profess the faith, while on the other hand, retired District Apostle Karlheinz Schumacher and I lectured on the topic The Catechism - questions and answers.

If we had visited you or your lecture/workshop at the ICC, what would we have seen, heard or taken with?

On the subject of Profess the faith: First, biblical foundations of the Old and New Testament on the subject Confession, were introduced. A joint discussion on the basis of our New Apostolic Creed then followed. On the question: When and what do you confess?, contributions from the plenary were collected and a fruitful exchange of views was accomplished. On the subject of The Catechism - questions and answers: The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church was published in December 2012. It had already been decided prior to completion that the text still needed to be made ​​accessible to readers in other ways. Now the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church in Questions and Answers is also nearing completion. The aim was to simplify and didacticize the content of the Catechism. This was done in such a way that the content of the full version of the Catechism was designed in questions and answers. In total, there are 750 questions and Answers.

How did the preparations for ICC go? Were there any mishaps, humor or surprises?

An intensive preparation and co-ordination between Apostle Prause and myself was of course necessary. The assistance provided by the members on site was remarkable.

Who were your most prominent listeners?

I do not know. All were interesting and interested listeners, very attentive and appreciative.

What gave you the most joy at the ICC?

The felt good mood, good interaction and the intense community care.

Now that the ICC is over, is there... a big hole or what comes next?

Oh no, there was no hole, only much more beautiful and important work that had been left over. It is important that the terrific impressions of the church convention stay alive and be consumed for a long time still.

If the ICC would again take place in five years time, ... would you join again?

Of course, very much so.

What would you do differently next time?

The whole event I felt was very good and profitable.

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