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Zurich. The countdown is on. On 1 January 2015 will go online. The new news magazine of the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) will offer interesting and valuable reports from around the world for New Apostolic Christians and other interested readers with.

The content of the new online magazine will focus on internationally relevant topics and include social issues, background reports on Church-related news items, personal life histories, and reports on historical aspects.

Organization and faith

The news magazine of NACI is divided into five categories: organization, faith, society, panorama, and history.

In the category “Organization”, the Church will inform about work and project groups, will report on public relations activities and on Church-run relief organizations and their partner organizations.

The category “Faith” will focus on the content of divine services, on doctrinal statements, and on ways how our doctrine can be conveyed. Not only ministers and theologians will be heard here, but also the Catechism and other teaching material.

Society, panorama, and history

The category “Society” will focus on social commitment and the position of the Church on socially relevant issues, and it will take a look at other religions and denominations.

“Panorama” will concentrate on people, music, congregations, and the diverse lifestyles of New Apostolic Christians and the possibilities we as New Apostolic Christians have to shape our lives.

The category “History” deals with personalities, anniversaries, and contemporary witnesses.

Transparent and candid will not only present news items, but will also provide the reader with background information and context. “In the new news magazine we will address any number of issues in an open, candid, and clarifying way,” Andreas Rother, editor at NACI Communication Services, explains. By way of comments, readers can share ideas and thoughts with the editors and other readers.

Linked to social media

Articles that are published on do not only appear on the website of the news magazine itself but at the same time also in other media run by the Church. This includes the social network and nacnews, an application for iOS- and android devices. What’s more, messages on new articles also appear on Facebook and twitter.


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