An alleluia for a living faith

One language, four countries, and a great deal of excitement … For the first time ever the French-speaking New Apostolic youth of Europe gathered for a combined Day of the Youth. Not only the motto “Sois V.I.F.” (“Be alive”) had punch.

About a thousand young people from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the French-speaking part of Switzerland met over the Easter weekend for their “rtf15”, the Rencontres Francophones de la Jeunesse in Metz in France.

The three days were chock-full of activities promoting lively interaction. The offers went from team sports to music to speed dating. Between a workshop for choral conducting and a presentation of musical instruments there was also a performance of modern dance as well as African traditional dancing.

There was also a great deal of information sharing. There were panel discussions on the topic of “Faith in life; live your faith” and the use of media. And Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider gave an interview.

The weekend’s motto “Sois V.I.F.” (“Be alive”) had an extended significance: V.I.F. stands for Vis intensément ta Foi, meaning, live your faith intensively.

The spiritual highlight of the Day of the Youth was the Easter service conducted by Chief Apostle Schneider. He illustrated how the Easter message “Jesus lives” can come alive in the hearts. The youth confirmed that this is the case at the end of the service by joining in to sing a joyful and resounding rendition of “Alleluia”.

The youth not only pitched in to help with the organization of the Day of the Youth, they also helped raise funds in the run-up. The Luxembourg youth turned the parking lot of the churches in Luxembourg-Ville and Differange into car wash facilities. For a small donation, members could have their cars cleaned. The proceeds helped to finance their trip to France so that they could take part in the “rtf15”.

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Andreas Rother, Robert Stegner
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, national youth days, Easter