Growing excitement in Zambia: the countdown is on

The preparations for the central Pentecost service that will take place in Zambia are in full swing. Hundreds of helpers in Zambia have their hands full to get everything ready for the coming weekend.

Last Saturday, District Apostle Charles Ndandula and his closest assistants made a final inspection tour of the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, where the divine service will take place. Some 70,000 visitors are expected. Yesterday, Tuesday, the broadcast crew from Global Access Telecommunication—located in Johannesburg (South Africa)—arrived in Lusaka. Millions of brothers and sisters worldwide are to be able to participate in the divine service via satellite transmission. Tomorrow, Thursday, the first guests are expected: 226 Apostles from Africa, 19 District Apostles and District Apostles Helpers from around the world, and of course the Chief Apostle.

A proven partner for the transmission

“The final punch,” is what Nimon Muleya, public relations officer of the Church in Zambia, calls this final phase of the preparations. managed to catch him in a conference to answer a few questions. “We are well on schedule,” he says and adds, “I am sure that everything will run smoothly.”

When the people from Global Access arrived yesterday, the next massive effort started: the setting up of the transmission equipment. The South African telecommunications company has been working with the New Apostolic Church Cape (South Africa) for ten years for national and international broadcasts, and is partnered with NAC TV, the television channel run by the Church in the Cape. The channel features music recorded at concerts, documentaries, and other educational material three days a week for a total of 13 hours. NAC TV broadcasts throughout South Africa and to Namibia and Zambia.

Hundreds in action since last year

The preparations for this important festival of the New Apostolic Church began a year ago, shortly after the decision was announced that the Pentecost service 2015 would take place in Lusaka. A total of 15 committees were established and started with their work. Each committee consists of about ten members, staffed with people from the Church offices, but especially also with brothers and sisters who on account of their professional background bring along useful expert knowledge. There was a wide range of tasks waiting for the committees: from accommodation, provision, and transport for the guests; to the logistics and support services for the divine service in the stadium; right to the musical framework, the satellite transmission, and the public relations work. Before long, the committees were supported by hundreds of volunteers. In matters of security, the Church is working with government agencies.

Preparations not only in Zambia

But not only the Church in Zambia is preparing for the divine service. In the German district of North Rhine-Westphalia, for instance, work sheets were specially designed for Sunday School and Pre-Sunday School to prepare the children for Pentecost. This way, they will get to know a little bit about the country and the people, and the significance of Pentecost.

Meanwhile the host is leaving nothing to chance, not even the smallest of details. District Apostle Ndandula was concerned that the brothers and sisters attending the service in the stadium would forget to switch off their mobile phones. He published a reminder on the Church’s website, asking the brothers and sisters in Zambia to switch off their phones to avoid interference with the transmission signal.

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Andreas Rother
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