New District Apostle Helper for the Cape

District Apostle Noel Edward Barnes will turn 66 this year. He is responsible for the New Apostolic Church Cape and is approaching retirement age. In view of his pending retirement a District Apostle Helper will be commissioned: Apostle John Leslie Kriel. The congregations in the District Apostle Area were informed about this last Sunday.

John Kriel, now 59 years old, grew up as the youngest son in a devout New Apostolic family, where he became involved in Church activities at a very early age. In his career he progressed to be the managing director of an insurance broking company. He had great success in growing the organization in a very competitive market before being asked to join the employ of the New Apostolic Church Cape in August 1991.

John is married with two children and is known as a family man, especially since he became the grandfather of two grandchildren. In the Church context his creative abilities and easy, but clear, style of communication made him the logical choice to head up a number of new projects—such as NAC-TV—to further the Church’s vision.

In the more recent past, he was tasked to work extensively in the neighbouring country of Namibia. Here his love, warmth, and sense of humour, which makes him a person who relates very easily across the spectrum of society, was a great advantage. Among his peers and subordinates alike he is highly respected as a spiritually gifted thinker, speaker, and writer.

Additional changes

On 13 December 2015, Cape Town is on Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s itinerary. He will celebrate the divine service in our Tafelsig church and implement other changes.

Apostle Brian Ernest de Vries (65) will be placed into retirement by the Chief Apostle in the same divine service. He received his first ministry in the Church in the year 1976. He was ordained as an Apostle on 13 April 1990. He is regarded as a conscientious and hardworking person, who undertook many long journeys and did not shy away from the sacrifices that this required.

The Chief Apostle will ordain two additional Apostles for the New Apostolic Church Cape: Peter Lambert (51) and Robert Ernest Worship (44) are designated to receive the Apostle ministry.

An era draws to an end

Noel Barnes received the District Apostle ministry in December 1996. People love his fresh and lively personality. As national church president he is responsible for the pastoral and administrative care of the New Apostolic congregations on the Falkland Islands and in Namibia, on St Helena, as well as in the Western, Eastern, and Northern Cape Provinces in South Africa. He is looking forward to this special divine service in December. Changes, so District Apostle Barnes, are necessary. The Church has to move on.

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