An Alphorn in the church and other peculiarities

Every country, every region, and every congregation has its own peculiarities. And this is exactly what makes our worldwide fellowship so diverse and rich. Here is a medley from New Apostolic life.

Alphorn meets organ …

This is how the New Apostolic Church Switzerland captioned an article on a benefit concert in our church in Zürich-Albisrieden given to raise money for TIXI, a transportation service for people with disabilities. The duo Ingiro played a wide range of older and newer music. In addition to a metre-long alphorn and the organ, the audience was also treated to the sounds of a small alphorn, a trumpet, an electric bass guitar, a piano, and a keyboard. Nearly all of the instruments resounded in a Bach Medley.

Full speed ahead to the IYC

Young people from the District Church Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany will be coming to Düsseldorf in a specially chartered train. Departure had originally been set for 3.25 a.m. on the Thursday morning, but this has changed. Departure now is 4.29 a.m. The young choristers will still be on time for the dress rehearsal of the International Youth Convention Choir, though.

Divine services in two shifts

This is what the historical records of the congregation La Teja in Belvedere (Uruguay) state. The congregation flipped through its historical records on the occasion of its 75th anniversary at the end of April. They discovered that there were so many members at the time that the brothers had to conduct two divine services on Sundays so that all members could be served. The double congregation moved into larger premises in 1969.

Serving, spiking, passing …

This was the main activity during a gathering of young people in Sonderhausen in Germany: eight teams from Saxony and Thuringia came together for a volleyball tournament. Volleybears, Double Corns, La Familia, or Blockbusters were some of the names of the teams. The young athletes had already met the previous year and are now planning next year’s tournament.