Take a look at the world

Disaster assistance after floods, clean-up events, and a fundraiser are some of the things that have been going on in our congregations lately. A look at the New Apostolic world shows what team-spirit can achieve.

The children’s choir, youth choir, and orchestra of the Nagold district in Germany put on a concert on 23 October. The large church in Herrenberg was full of guests who had come for the autumn concert. The programme included songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Creator of all gifts, including “Look at the world” by John Rutter.

Members help members

In the Volta Region in Ghana, the Akosombo Dam has lost its battle against rising water levels due to the high level of rainfall this year. The excess water in the dam had to be spilled, resulting in increased water levels of the Volta River and its adjoining rivers and tributaries causing them to overflow their banks. People in the affected areas lost their belongings and sources of livelihood. Many brothers and sisters were also affected. That is why Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo, Apostle Anthony Kuada, and other ministers visited the affected region at the end of October. Apostle Ohene-Saffo visited the brothers and sisters wherever possible and also comforted them on behalf of District Apostle Michael Ehrich. Apostle Kuada conducted a divine service in the area. He then distributed relief supplies such as clothing, shoes, and bedsheets that had been donated by members in his working area.

Running for a good cause

A group of 126 people signed up for move-a-thon on 16 September. Their idea was to raise funds for a non-profit organisation that promotes inclusion. The move-a-thon “NAC RUN” was organised by young people from the Hattenhofen district in Germany. Together they managed to clock 730 kilometres. Together with the proceeds from catering for the cheering fans, a donation of over 3,000 euros was made.

Lunch and more with the District Apostle

“It was a unique and unforgettable experience.” That was how young people from Bolivia summed up their meeting with District Apostle Enrique Minio. He had announced a visit to Bolivia at the end of October. After hearing about this, the young people in Trinidad organised a meeting where they had lunch together and went for a walk. The next day, the District Apostle was greeted by a group of children before the divine service.

Many hands make light work

At the end of October, members of the Narraville congregation in South Africa spiffed up the interior and exterior of their church. The previously dusty garden was transformed into an eye-catching rock garden, new interlocks were laid, and broken door locks were replaced. Thanks to generous donations from members, two amplifiers were installed and a new wall clock was hung in the vestry.

In Germany, too, some members of the Ölbronn-Dürrn congregation allowed themselves to be inspired by the saying “Many hands make light work” and whipped their church garden into shape together on 5 August. Afterwards there was dinner for everyone.

Celebrating God’s creation and the years gone by

The New Apostolic congregation of Gaildorf in Germany is celebrating its centenary this year, and the members of the congregation decided to plant two hundred trees to mark the occasion. The Church administrative offices in Southern Germany provides money for tree seedlings. The congregation chose the sweet chestnut, Norway maple, and walnut for their drought resistance. They were planted on the Kirgel, Gaildorf’s local mountain, on 28 October. The first fruits of this labour will hopefully be harvested in time for the 125th anniversary of the congregation.