Truly stuck

There was no going forward and no going back. An Apostle in the south-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo experienced this in a literal sense and had to spend an uncomfortable night in his car.

Apostle Antoine Katalayi was on his way to Kakulu on 6 April to conduct a divine service in the congregation of Musasa. His car got stuck several times on the muddy roads. At first, a truck was able to pull him out.

But in the end, the trucks also got stuck and the only bridge over the Miao River for miles around was blocked. There was no getting through. There was no way forward and no way back. This time they were really stuck.

There was only one thing they could do. The Apostle and his companions spent the night in the car. They were able to continue the next morning at around eleven o'clock, when the traffic jam finally began to clear. They did not make it in time for the divine service. However, Apostle Cédrick Katamba was already there and had been able to conduct the service for the 1,550 believers.

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