Spotlight 3/2018: Witnesses of Christ

There is a difference between a reporter and a witness. District Apostle Mark Woll (Canada) explains the difference and formulates a clear mission for Christians.

We show our faithfulness to Christ by serving Him as His witnesses. Christ Himself said that we are to be His “witnesses” (Acts 1: 8). There is a big difference between a reporter and an eyewitness. A reporter often writes about what he has heard from others or what he has seen. Witnesses, on the other hand, speak about what they have seen or experienced personally. They often talk with great passion and zeal because the event or encounter had a great impact on them.

As children of God, we have personally experienced Christ’s love first hand. We have come into His presence through word and sacrament. These encounters compel us to speak of the great deeds of Christ! This is in contrast to the temptation of speaking about the success of the evil one, which fills the media today. We can ask ourselves the following question: What do we talk about on a daily basis, in our fraternal fellowship, in our work and social environment, and on social media?

Witnesses do not talk about themselves but rather what they have experienced. Do our words and actions show that we are true witnesses of Christ?

It has often been said that World War One was the war to end all wars because it was so horrible. However, even this did not deter the many conflicts that have come after. Even the great tribulation may not be enough to cause people to turn to Christ permanently. Only when they experience Christ personally—whether today or in the thousand years of peace—will they will surrender to His love and glory.

May we therefore constantly examine ourselves that we portray the true likeness of Christ and remain His faithful witnesses. In this way, people can experience Christ already today through us.

Photo: Oliver Rütten

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