Help to cope with difficulties

Covid-19 is still keeping the world on tenterhooks. There are also other areas where help is urgently needed. Sisters and brothers around the world are committed to doing what they can.

Whether it is wells in Ghana, sanitizer in Sierra Leone, or emotional help in the form of video messages in the Western Pacific, people everywhere are doing their utmost to translate their love for the neighbour into practical action and to help where help is needed.

A new well drilled

On 12 September Apostle Amos Osei-Du handed over a new well in Afamu/Tanoso in Ghana. Safe water was hard to come by in the area. Together with the relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany, the local congregation was now able to build a mechanical well. During the opening ceremony the Apostle urged the villagers to take good care of the facility and encouraged the members of the Church not to give up their love for God, but to continue to commit themselves in this way. He also promised that the Church would continue its commitment.

Helping education along

The New Apostolic Church Zambia is committed to making a positive impact on vulnerable communities. Katapazi is an isolated and remote community in Southern Province in Zambia. Just recently the Church built a school through its humanitarian wing, New Apostolic Church Organisation (NACRO), in partnership with the government and with funds from NAK karitativ of Germany. District Apostle Kububa Soko inaugurated the school in mid October during a special ceremony. The guest of honour, Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, thanked the Church for supplementing the government’s efforts and said that the government of the Republic of Zambia remains committed to ensure successful partnerships with stakeholders in its quest to provide quality education that is free for all.

Hygiene supplies to fight Covid-19

Large packages containing soap and sanitisers were standing ready for pick up in the Church administrative offices in Freetown, Sierra Leone. When the government lifted the assembly ban in Sierra Leone, the staff of the administrative offices in Freetown took action. They bought soap, hand sanitizer dispensers, and sanitizer so that the services could safely be resumed in the churches. The Apostles Albert Garber, Sanpha Sesay, Thaimu Kargbo, and Braima Saffa collected the packages and distributed them as quickly as possible to the congregations in their working areas.

Talking helps

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only left us with a physical health crisis, but has also had an impact on people’s mental health. This was also felt by our brothers and sisters of the Western Pacific district. Many of the members continue to live under lockdown conditions, and there are those who experience uncertainty in their home, school, and work environments. The Staying Connected work group has put together a series of messages to reach out to those who are particularly affected and to let them know that they are not alone. Together with a registered psychologist, the team developed video messages for different groups within the congregations and community. The messages are directed towards the parents and working adults, to adolescents, and to senior members. The speakers encourage the members to talk to someone: with a friend, with someone from the family, with a minister, or a professional. At the end of the video, telephone numbers are displayed for those who may not know where to turn.

First aid responders in the congregations

To ensure that there are enough first aid responders, the Church district of Emden in Germany started to train first aid responders. All members who wished to be trained as first-aiders and were prepared be commit themselves as first-aiders in the congregations were invited to the course on 16 October. Recognised aid organisations such as the German Red Cross provided basic first aid knowledge and then trained those who already had some experience in this field.

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