Built on rock

There is lots going on in the New Apostolic Church. This week’s focus is on the building of churches and apiaries, and the building of skills.

A new church under construction

The congregation of Unteres Filstal in Germany will be getting a new church. After three congregations were merged in January 2017, the congregation with over 200 active members is too big for one of the church buildings. The decision was therefore made to build a new church. Preparations have been underway since 2019. A plot of land had to be found, the building planned, and negotiations conducted. The members were kept up to speed on the progress. They were informed that the new building will comply with accessibility standards and that two additional side rooms can opened up and connected to the sanctuary in the event of larger occasions. There will be green spaces on the property and also the roof will be covered with vegetation so that the environment also benefits a little from the new building. Church members were present at the topping-out ceremony a year ago and at the burying of a time capsule this summer and were able to marvel at the construction progress. Everyone is excited about the upcoming dedication.

New churches dedicated

Two churches were dedicated in Sierra Leone and in Spain this past July. The members are excited about their new church buildings.

The first dedication was in Spain, for the congregation of Alicante. Apostle Rolf Camenzind came to officiate at this special event. The 60 or so members had taken extra care in preparing for the celebration: the choir had rehearsed and other members had lovingly decorated the church with flowers. The Apostle read Psalm 122: 7 for the dedication: “Peace be within your walls, prosperity within your palaces,” thereby expressing a very special wish for the congregation and its new church. A sister received the sacrament of Holy Sealing, and the brothers and sisters were also very pleased to be able to welcome a new Deacon.

Apostle Sanpha Sesay came to dedicate the new church in Masumana in Sierra Leone. He also read a fitting Bible text. In 1 Corinthians 3: 11–17 it speaks about the construction of the temple, the foundation of which is Jesus Christ. What was very touching was the fact that Faith Ya Marie Conteh, a blind sister, sang during the divine service.

Picture perfect

On Sunday 26 June 2022, ten photographers from congregations in the area of Apostle Bradley Bourne (South Africa) were invited to attend a photography workshop facilitated by Delmaine Viret, a professional photographer. The workshop project is taking small groups at a time to ensure optimum interaction for the best results. The aim of the workshop was to nurture confidence as well as upskill the current congregation photographers. The idea is that any event within an Apostle area, regardless of size, becomes a suitably workable project with top-quality results.

A church for bees

Members of the Illertissen congregation in Germany built the bees buzzing around in their neighbourhood an apiary in the form of a church building, where they can hunker down for the winter. The insect hotel in the shape of a church, including our Church emblem, was inaugurated in August. The congregation wanted to contribute to a healthy environment.