Tragedy meets humanity

Natural disasters, diseases, and exorbitant food prices cause great hardship. How comforting when there is help. This week’s review looks at how our brothers and sisters as well as relief organisations provided desperately needed help .

A lifeline after devastating floods

Certain areas of Nigeria see flooding every year, but this year it was devastating. Apostle Felix Barisi Kpegasin reports, that in some churches in his area, divine services can no longer be held because the churches are completely submerged. Brothers and sisters who lost their homes now live in canoes or in a camp for internally displaced persons. Among the lucky few whose villages were not completely submerged many have remained in their homes. Still, their living conditions are miserable. Malaria, typhoid, and waterborne diseases are rampant.

The charity of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany, human aktiv, has now made more than 65,000 euros available for disaster relief. This donation will be used to ensure that people in the affected areas receive urgently needed food, drinking water, medicine, clothing and mattresses.

Fundraising for drought affected areas

In the Eastern Cape on the other hand, there is far too little water. The entire region is experiencing a water crisis. Because of climate change, entire regions are getting drier and drier and whole regions are turning into deserts. For the populations this means that there is less and less drinking water and therefore less and less food.

The young people of the Cape Coastal Apostle Area could not stand by and do nothing. For a period of several months, they raised funds through various campaigns within the congregations. On 17 October 2022 they donated R 26460.00 to the Masakhe Foundation. The New Apostolic relief organisation provides communities in South Africa with outreach programmes, after-school safe spaces, and addiction awareness and support programmes.

Contributing to the daily bread

Food is becoming increasingly expensive in Germany because of the energy crisis. Many people who already had financial problems before can now no longer afford to buy certain foods. German food banks are trying to cope with the rising demand. Those who have enough or maybe even a surplus of food can donate it to food banks and thereby help those who are less fortunate. People who shop at food banks pay a small fee. In many congregations in Germany, it is a tradition to support food banks with donations in kind or with money at Thanksgiving or around Christmas.

This is also the case in Kempten-South and Waltenhofen. The rector of Waltenhofen presented a cheque for more than one thousand euros and non-perishable foods collected by the members of the congregation to the co-ordinator of the food bank.

Help with medical bills

Kojo Essien, an Evangelist in the congregation Koranteng in the Bogoso district of Ghana, has been battling cancer for over a year. He is also at risk of losing his vision in his left eye. The disease is making it difficult for him to discharge his duties in the church. Another big concern of his are his high medical bills. The New Apostolic Church of Ghana supports its ministers, members, and non-members in diverse ways and tries to ensure their well-being. Apostle George Kojo-Arko Sam, Bishop Ampofo, and the deputy district rector, Asua Boadi, visited the Evangelist not only to extend support and encouragement, but also to give him a cheque to cover his medical bills. Their visit brought great joy. “The healthier I am, the longer I can serve as a minister,” said the Evangelist.

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