Funds for our own ranks

The Swiss aid organisation NAK-Diakonia wants to help especially New Apostolic people who are in need, as well as ministers and functionaries within the Church. But when disasters strike the foundation helps where help is needed, irrespective of the religion.

The objective of NAK-Diakonia Foundation of the New Apostolic Church in Switzerland is to be there for its brothers and sisters and to support them in emergencies and crises. In the event of natural disasters, the aid organisation provides emergency relief. It also supports members of the Church if they cannot afford medical care, for example, and it promotes the education and training of instrumentalists, conductors, and ministers in Switzerland and in the countries it serves.

Sisters help brothers

The charity’s income comes mainly from donations by members of the Church and through bequests, and since 2022 also from the thank-offering of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland. In 2021, nearly 292,000 Swiss francs were donated by 459 individual donors, which is a slight increase from the previous year. In addition, a Church member bequeathed an inheritance of around 13,000 Swiss francs to the New Apostolic Foundation. Another 825,000 Swiss francs came from the thank-offering of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland.

Money for good things

Of course the charity also incurred costs last year, but these were covered by the New Apostolic Church in Switzerland through a service agreement. This meant that the donations could be used directly for the projects.

Part of this amount was used for emergency aid: flooding due to thunderstorms and heavy rain in the Jura region of Switzerland also affected some brothers and sisters in this region. Thanks to the foundation’s quick financial support, the acute need could be alleviated.

Members of the Church who experience social need can turn to the foundation for individual support, such as social counselling. And during the Christmas season food is always distributed specifically to support socially disadvantaged brothers and sisters.

Numerous projects were set up last year in order to train and develop teachers within the Church. In the District Apostle Area of Switzerland, for example, a training course for teachers was held on 28 and 29 August. The participants learned about teaching methods and tools, how to introduce music into their lessons, and how to assess the behaviour and developmental level of children better.

Together at last after Covid

Speaking of children: after the long enforced break due to Covid, the children from the three Swiss districts of Zurich-South, Zurich-North and Schaffhausen were finally able to come together again in July. They met in Engelberg, and the foundation funded the get-together.

The young people were also finally able to get together again for youth days. Here too, the foundation supported the meetings in Austria and Switzerland.

A big thank-you

The words of Jürg Zbinden, who is the foundation’s chairman of the board, show what has been achieved thanks to the donations: “I am very grateful for this generous support. It enables us to provide suitable premises for divine services, Sunday school, and other classes. In addition, training and advanced training can be provided for ministers and teachers, and those involved in music, as well as assistance for socially disadvantaged brothers and sisters in all countries served by the New Apostolic Church Switzerland.”

Photo: NAK Diakonia

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