Everyone is welcome

Our objective is a church that is open to everyone so that everyone feels welcome. This is not always easy, but the members,are making every effort to ensure that everyone finds their place in the church. Whether it is a celebration, a workshop, or a divine service, everyone is welcome.

Big party for a little birthday girl

For her very first birthday, Samuella got a big birthday party. After the divine service in Ohu, Ghana, on 9 July, Samuella’s mother invited the whole congregation to celebrate her little girl’s birthday. The Sunday School children especially were delighted because there were sweets.

Barbecue and a sing-along

In mid June, the addiction support groups and their relatives met for their annual barbecue. The Regional Church of Western Germany wants to be welcoming and open to everyone. That is why there is also an addiction support group, among other things, for anyone who is personally affected by addiction. The focus is not on abstinence, but on the exchange between addicts and their relatives. Everyone enjoyed the barbecue, being together, and just being able to talk to one another.

For brothers and sisters with disabilities it can sometimes be difficult to find a way to get together with others and experience fellowship. In a discussion group with twenty participants with and without disabilities on 8 July, brothers and sisters in Peine, Germany, talked about their ideas for a planned divine service in plain language. This is scheduled to take place in April 2024 and requires good preparation. Their discussion ended over coffee and cake.

Together at last after Covid

It was not until 25 June 2023 that the pandemic ended for the members of the Matibidi congregation in South Africa. It was their first divine service in three years. Eighteen members of the small congregation gathered for the reunion service celebrated by Bishop Milazi. After three years of online services, the brothers and sisters finally had the opportunity to celebrate Holy Communion again.

Music development

Interested members from the congregations in the Somerset East district in South Africa were invited to a workshop for choir conductors at Pearston church on 15 July. Many young people in particular took advantage of the opportunity and learned important basics in conducting from District Evangelist Eugene Felkers and Deacon Kirsten Smith.

All Christians are invited

Not even pouring rain could stop the young people from the Sanoyah district in Guinea from attending an ecumenical youth evening. Together with young people who belong to the Protestant faith and a Pentecostal denomination, they addressed issues such as women in ordained ministry, marriage, and how to motivate young people. Afterwards, Bible stories were acted out and they sang songs together. A final collective prayer ended the get-together.

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