Many melodies make harmony

Music brings people together—this is a fact that is proven time and again by choirs and orchestras of the New Apostolic Church. And so it was that the church doors were opened up both to the outside world and our own members over the past few weeks.

A concert of gratitude

The concert organised by the young people in the congregation of Gakpoto, Togo on 10 July 2023 was performed in the key of glory to God, joy for all present, and special gratitude. Priest Christopher Filander from South Africa had come to São Tomé to help with the expansion of the church building, and was happy to share his extensive knowledge of instruments while he was there. The young people were soon in a position to delight their audience with instruments such as harmonicas, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, and trombones. A seniors choir also performed some songs of praise, and the children's choir brought special joy to the listeners.

All of Europe on the stage!

The New Apostolic Church joined the ranks of the hosting team at the Eurotreff [Euro-Meet] in Wolfenbüttel, Germany at the beginning of September. This is a choir festival for children and youth where young singers from all over Europe assemble every year in the Lower Saxon city. This time there were choirs from Sweden, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Iceland, Spain—and of course, Germany. Two very different choirs made a stop in the local New Apostolic congregation. Among other things, the children of Bulgaria’s “Choral” performed folk songs and “Mary’s Lullaby” by Max Reger. And the young men’s group from Berlin, Germany known as “VoiceChanger” treated the audience to a mix of classical pieces and pop songs.

Musical friendship

The mid-September concert in the congregation of Aurich, Germany sounded similarly multilingual. The programme was crafted by two choirs whose members are friends, namely the “60+ Choir” from Aurich and the “Echo” travelling choir from Harderwijk, Netherlands. Accompanied by organ, trumpet and, trombone, the choirs sang a series of Christian songs, sometimes alternately, at other times together, and finally even in combination with the audience. As a thank you, the musicians asked their audience for donations to the Auricher Tafel [Aurich foodbank].

Your friendly neighbourhood composer

At the end of August, the congregation of Lavistown, South Africa was treated to some music from its own ranks. The adult choir, the children's choir, and the orchestra sang and played “Therefore the redeemed of the Lord” by Ivan Diedericks and “The Lord's prayer” by Nigel Isaacs, among a number of other pieces. “Hear my prayer” was also performed by Brandon Witbooi, a Deacon from the neighbouring congregation of Sidneyvale. As a special highlight, the audience was also delighted by a guest appearance by the South African Youth Choir.

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