Under the same roof

Not every New Apostolic congregation has its own church building. Some congregations gather under a tree, others in other Christian churches. Every now and then a new building can be dedicated. And sometimes it happens that a church even becomes a home away from home to another denomination.

Open for ecumenism

“Ultimately, it’s not about the building, but about God and He is mobile after all.” This is what the Protestant pastor Götz Häuser said in the last service that took place last year in St John’s church in Bühl, Germany. The Protestant church is now undergoing renovations and the congregation had to find a temporary home elsewhere. The New Apostolic congregation in Bühl was happy to open the doors of its church for the Sunday services of its Protestant neighbours. An added benefit was that regular live streaming is also possible from there. The kindergarten of the Protestant church moved into the building of a welfare association that offers enough space for other activities as well. The Catholic church will make its parish hall available for larger events. “It is nice that we can be guests in the other denominations,” says Pastor Häuser. “What a gift and what a beautiful sign of practical ecumenism that we are able to move into the premises of our Catholic and New Apostolic neighbours with our diverse congregational activities. Thank you for opening the doors, making space, and welcoming us.”

A home of their own

In Zutphen in the Netherlands it is the other way around, so to speak. The New Apostolic congregation moved into the Protestant church. The Protestant church Warnveld-Leesten opened its doors to the New Apostolic Christians already thirteen years ago. They had had to vacate their church building at the time for structural reasons. ‌‌The New Apostolic congregation was able to use the Protestant church for its Sunday services. Just recently, the Protestant church wanted to sell the building in question, which prompted the New Apostolic congregation to submit a purchase bid. They quickly agreed on a price and also that the good relations would continue in the future. ‌Just as the New Apostolic Church has been able to use the premises of the Protestant Church in recent years, the Protestant Church can now use the premises of the New Apostolic Church.

New and sanctified

The Toyota congregation in the city of Likasi, Democratic Republic of Congo, moved into its new church at the beginning of the year. Apostle Freddy Nduwa dedicated the new building. For the service, he brought along a Bible passage from John 1: 16: “And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.” In recognition of the effort that was put into the construction of the church, the Apostle said that the offerings we bring into the house of God often benefit us.