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The human aktiv Annual Report 2022 has just been published: the aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany invested almost 1.5 million euros in humanitarian projects. This made it possible to provide both relief aid and longer-term aid, especially in African countries.

Many congregations in the southern part of Germany regularly donate to food banks and community shops for people with little money, where they can buy groceries at low prices. And human aktiv is happy to make a contribution.

Helping on their own doorstep

In 2022, almost ten per cent of total annual expenditure went towards food banks and other food services for people who cannot afford food. This is shown in the recently published annual report. This makes it the agency’s third highest spending figure in Germany. The largest amount of over 290,000 euros was paid to sponsored institutions such as the Hänsel und Gretel Foundation, Arche München, or Interplast Germany e.V.

In 2021, the aid agency decided to focus on helping the house- and homeless. The Covid-19 crisis aggravated the situation of people who are homeless. Many institutions were closed and volunteers withdrew. Initiatives and projects that assist such individuals received generous funds also in 2022. The aid organisation spent a total of 100,500 euros on its special focus.

The aid agency recorded other expenditures in Germany for children’s and youth camps, Covid-19 aid, and activities for needy families.

Foreign aid

In 2022, a slightly larger share of the organisation’s expenditure went toward foreign aid. At around 232,000 euros, emergency aid for Ukraine was the largest single item of expenditure. A further 182,000 euros was spent on short-term disaster relief. Among other things, the money helped people affected by the floods in Nigeria and the typhoon in the Philippines, and it helped refugees in Ethiopia.

human aktiv provided longer-term aid for example by building schools with decent toilets and wells in West Africa. These and similar projects were funded to the tune of around 128,000 euros in the reporting year. The aid agency contributed around 91,000 euros to education projects and teacher training programmes. human aktiv also supported hygiene, health, and nutrition projects in Africa.

Aid is only possible thanks to donations

Only 0.5 per cent of expenditure was spent on administration in 2022. human aktiv’s objective is to spend as much of the donated funds as possible on projects.

Donations made up the bulk of the aid organisation’s income in 2022. Of the more than 2.5 million euros raised by human aktiv in 2022, almost 70 per cent were allocated for a specific purpose by the donors, while almost 25 per cent were non-restricted donations.

As income significantly exceeded expenditure during the year, the annual surplus was credited to the free reserves.

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Katrin Löwen
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