Imitation is encouraged

Giving others the feeling that they are welcome, getting to know each other better, enjoying one another’s company, and participating: these are the stages of togetherness that New Apostolic young people practise. Here are examples from Europe and Africa.

Giving people the feeling that they are welcome

As a Christian, how do I create a welcoming atmosphere? Young people from the Göppingen district in Germany asked themselves this question at a joint youth meeting at the end of February. They would like to help the many people who are currently seeking protection and help in Germany due to wars, persecution, hunger, or other existential threats in their home countries, and at least offer them a friendly welcome. That is why they sat together for a long time that evening, talking, thinking, and discussing how they could help

A celebration of faith outdoors

On 17 March, the young people of the South Western District in the Mpumalanga Apostle Area in South Africa gathered for an outdoor service. Priest Keagan Philander conducted a divine service on the shores of Florida Lake, which he based on Luke 15: 18: “I will arise and go to my father, and will say to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you?’” The day was not solely about introspection and spiritual nourishment. Following the divine service, the energy and excitement levels surged as the young people transitioned into dragon boat practice runs for the upcoming competition. Then it was time for a potjiekos competition. These activities, filled with laughter and competitive spirit, exemplified the unity and camaraderie that define the district’s youth community.

The youth leaders did overtime so to speak, taking advantage of the event for a crucial training session. Priest Michael Williams, the district youth leader led a training session highlighting the importance of nurturing leadership and responsibility among our youth and preparing them to be the torchbearers of tomorrow.

Getting to know the confirmands

To get to know their future fellow young people, the youth of the Strasbourg district in France invited the confirmands to a weekend outing from 19 to 21 January. Everything was organised for the confirmands. To help them have a good time, the young people had organised themselves and planned various activities: animation, supervision, and cooking. All the tasks were taken on by the young people. There was also an activity on our annual motto “Prayer works!” And, of course, everyone attended the divine service together on Sunday.

Participation desired

More than 500 young people and Apostle Jean-Luc Tanga met for a day of celebration on 16 March 2024. The young people from the Lubumbashi-North Apostle Area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo participated in various activities that underlined the day’s motto “My participation from the perspective of salvation”. The meeting began with a spiritual part. Apostle Tanga used Acts 8: 4 to talk to the young people about how they can participate in God’s plan of salvation. Afterwards, everyone was able to discuss what opportunities there are to get actively involved. They also planned ahead for the Chief Apostle’s visit in July. The next day, the young people from the Centre-Ville congregation in Lubumbashi invited everyone to a discussion round on the topic of marriage; 180 young people took part. Together with ministers and medical doctors they talked about various aspects of married life. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a meal together.

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