The New Apostolic Church in Switzerland receives guest status in the AGCK

“The New Apostolic Church has made significant advances in its contact with other churches and Christian communities, which has developed over many years. We want to add our contribution in continuing to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ forward, on the basis of the Charta Oecumenica, together with other Christian believers,” said Apostle Heinz Lang.

From 9th April 2014, the New Apostolic Church in Switzerland is a guest member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen-CH (National Ecumenical Council of Christian Churches - Switzerland). Apostles Heinz Lang and Volker Kühnle travelled to attend the meeting at St. Gallen, where they received the membership certification.

Unanimous decision

The decision of the AGCK to accept the New Apostolic Church as guests in the group was made unanimously. The press announcement of the National Ecumenical Council said that the New Apostolic Church had made significant endeavours in the ecumenism over recent years. This was the reason why the executive committee of the AGCK-CH made its recommendation to the plenary assembly to propose the acceptance with the status as guests.

Five years to gain experience

A clause of the membership certificate states that after five years, both parties would review the guest status following the experiences gained with each other. The AGCK would especially be observing developments by the New Apostolic Church International and the ecumenical work together with the local NAC congregations. Discussions on that basis will continue between the dialogue commissions of the NAC and the AGCK.

Consultations also in Germany

The New Apostolic Church in Germany is also moving forward on a similar basis. Discussions are currently active between the National Ecumenical Council of Christian Churches and the New Apostolic Church. Similarly, consultations are planned with the local ecumenical councils, with which the New Apostolic Church congregations have already received guest status. This is planned to be followed by a mutual understanding between the ACK and the New Apostolic Church, within which future framework both parties might possibly work together. After an appropriate period of time – both parties have agreed to three years of reflection and communication – a balance will be made and further approaches discussed.

Source and further information: NAC International

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