To create a link to the news magazine we provide banners in different sizes.

The download package banner contains various GIF files in the sizes 88x31 pixels to 728x90 pixels, including the artwork of the revolving globe of the logo.

The link points to the main page of the news magazine and is subject to the preferred language settings of your browser. For a direct link to a specific language use the following links:



To complement their reports, we offer print and online newsrooms who report about the original electronic artwork of the logo. The download package logo contains the logo in the following formats: ai, pdf, eps, and jpg.

All official bodies of the Church such as congregations, districts, and District Churches are authorized to use the banner and/or logo for their print and online products.

web directory

More than 3,500 websites worldwide are run directly by New Apostolic congregations, districts, and District Churches. An international web directory can be found on The websites of the District Churches are linked to and